Blue Ivy's Birthday Party Sounds Amazing

by Caitlyn Callegari

I hate to break it to you guys, but Blue Ivy Carter had a birthday party and you weren't invited. Take a minute to digest that information. You better now? Good. Because, after all, this isn't about you. It's about Blue, and she apparently had a pretty fantastic time celebrating her big day. As she should have — after all, you only turn four once. As E! Online reported, the party was relatively small considering the family's major connections, but it sounded pretty great. Not that that's a surprise; Blue Ivy is a Carter, and they're always doing great things.

According to E!, the party, despite having Kelly Rowland and Chris Martin there to sing what was probably an amazingly on-key rendition of "Happy Birthday" to Queen Bey's daughter, was, for all intents and purposes, a totally normal "fairy-themed" birthday celebration. Reportedly, the party featured "a big birthday cake, ice cream, lots of more food and balloons, plus an entertainer who made balloon animals. There were also areas for kids to play with Barbies, Play-Doh and LEGOs." This is super refreshing to hear; I think a kid just out of her toddler years would much rather be playing with toys and friends than suffer through a lavish and stuffy soiree.

In fact, as proven through Bey's Instagram account, this is probably just what Blue Ivy asked for, because:

She's Clearly A Big Proponent Of Birthday Party Essentials, Like Candy

Then again, who isn't?

Also, The Aforementioned Balloons

Now, that is a balloon.

And, "Big" Birthday Cakes

That is quite a slice.

She Loves Spending Time With Her Family

My heart can't take it.

And Getting Dressed Up

As a birthday girl does.

Besides, She's Already Solidified The Whole Real Life "Fairy" Thing

She just needs wings.

Most Importantly, She's Into Birthday Basics Herself

A homemade card is always the way to go.

*Scratches head* I wonder if Bey gave out her new album as a party favor? Man, it's good to be a friend of the Carters.