Gordo From 'Lizzie McGuire' Is The Perfect Guy

by Nicole Pomarico

If you have ever watched Lizzie McGuire — even if you weren't quite as obsessed with it as I was — chances are good you've wished that Lizzie's BFF and eventual love interest, Gordo, was your boyfriend. This is a safe space. You can admit it, and you are not alone. Between his sassy quips, his curly hair, and how sweet he always is to Lizzie, it would be hard not to fall in love with him. Gordo was one of the best parts of Lizzie McGuire , and he never quite got the appreciation he deserved.

In fact, now, the lovable best friend who waits patiently in the wings until the timing is right has now become kind of a TV staple. Actually, Gordo was basically Jim Halpert from The Office before he existed. And seriously, what's not to love about him? Nothing. He is perfect. OK, so his rat pack phase was a little weird, and he could occasionally be a little pretentious, but in spite of those things, Lizzie was so lucky!

In honor of Lizzie McGuire 's 15th anniversary, here are all the reasons that Gordo is the best. How it took Lizzie years of friendship and a trip to Rome to realize it is totally beyond me.

1. He's Super Smart

So smart that he had the option of skipping eighth grade and going straight to high school, but he decided against it because he missed his friends too much. Smart and a heart of gold?!

2. He's The Original Hipster

Gordo walks around in vintage bowling shirts and hated following the crowd. Actually, there's an entire episode dedicated to the fact that Gordo hates when the things he loves go mainstream. He was a hipster long before the word was even being used.

3. He's Such A Good Friend

Whether or not Lizzie had any interest in him, Gordo stuck by her, through thick and thin. He skipped a pool party she couldn't go to so she wouldn't be alone, he skipped a dance to hang out with her because she didn't have a date... actually, he missed out on a lot of fun stuff in the name of being a good friend. What a champ!

4. And He Always Supplies Food For Emotional Eating

Part of being a good friend is knowing what snack foods to have on hand when your BFF is having a hard day, and he's brought Lizzie cookies and donuts. Gordo, please marry me.

5. He's Just So Cute

At one point in your life, this guy was your fictional boyfriend. Don't lie.

6. He Puts Up With All Of Lizzie & Miranda's Crap

There's no denying it: They're both a handful. Sneaking into R-rated movies and onto the set of an Aaron Carter music video... no matter how ridiculous it is, Gordo (and his video camera) are always down for an adventure.

7. And He Calls Them Out When They're Too Turnt

Every time one of them had a bad idea, he tried to talk them out of it, like when Gordo cannot for the life of him understand why Lizzie is sneaking off to be an Italian pop star on a class trip to Rome in The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Lizzie did not realize how poorly thought out her plan was herself, but Gordo saw it from the beginning.

8. But When They Don't Listen, He Still Comes Through

He may have pointed out (correctly) that the whole Italian pop star thing was never gonna work, but that doesn't mean he didn't cover for her every time she snuck out, at the risk of getting in trouble himself.

9. He's Super Sarcastic

There's nothing more attractive in a fictional character than a snarky attitude and a good sense of humor, am I right?

10. He Doesn't Waste His Time On The Petty Stuff

He sees right through Ethan Craft's hair flipping and Kate's mean exterior, and always knows there's no point in trying to be cool when all of this was temporary. Somehow, he is always so wise.

11. And Honestly, This

Never in the history of the world will there ever be another television character as perfect as this one. Gordo, you rock. Don't ever change.

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