Does Your Best Friend Know How To Imitate You?

When you spend a lot of time with anyone, you learn each other's quirks and habits, even if you don't mean to —it's inevitable, especially if you are best friends. We learn the mannerisms and quirks of our best friends as if they were characters on a TV shows — we can predict their habits, moods and can pretty much guess their reaction to any news we bring to the table. Which is why watching best friends imitate each other is so entertaining.

Yeah, being that close with someone can sometimes make it hard to talk about problems, because you know exactly how they'll react — but knowing your best friend so well that you basically share a brain makes life worthwhile. Let's face it: Your best friend is the reason why you can wake up in the morning after a night of questionable decisions and still be able to look at yourself in the mirror with pride. It's because you know that your friend has your back, no matter what. And of course, in the process of forging that deep bond, you also get a handle on how to imitate that voice they do whenever they see a baby/ puppy/ unattended slice of pizza. It's a win-win situation!

I would like to point out that knowing someone longer does not necessarily translate to knowing them better — or doing a better impression of them. People grow and change, and so do their mannerisms. So it doesn't matter if you've known someone since birth or got to know them through work —imitation is a skill you acquire through closeness and effort, rather than simply proximity.

While I am not familiar with how long these best friends in this video have been together, judging from the video, it's long enough to make fun on each other in a totally loving way — which is basically one of the best parts of having a best friend. Here are some of my favorite highlights from the video, showing some of the peak times friends can imitate each other.

1. When They Get Frustrated

When you get super irritated with life, you tend to vent to your friends. Thus, they know exactly how you will react when something annoys you. And those reactions can be really small, something you don't even notice about yourself — but your friend sure does. In my case, it's shutting down emotionally in the moment, then exploding at home. In this case, it's getting go so mad, the experience is literally "hair-raising."

2. When They Say Hi

I tend to have a "telephone voice" that is extremely generic. My friends are always pointing it out. It's proper and posh, like a very wealthy home owner. So I'm glad to see that other people have that as well (and that their friends are also mocking them for it).

3. When They Drink

When we drink, we often have no idea how we come across. That's why having your friend point it out to you is so hilarious. Some people are super nice, then turn on a dime, like in the GIF above. Others, like me, just get super happy.

Watch the full video below and see if any of your traits (or the traits that you love to mock in your BFF) are present!