Watch This Girl Try A Warhead For The First Time

If you've never seen a child try something sour for the first time, you need to watch as this little girl tries a Warhead for the first time. Or, even if you have seen the amazing phenomenon that is a child experiencing an overpowering new taste, you still need to watch this, because it's freaking adorable. The little gal in question is named Clara, and she's two years old. This is her first experience with a Warhead sour candy, which as I’m sure you remember from childhood, can be an overwhelming experience. Her parents, who posted the video to YouTube, wrote, "She ended up spitting it out right after this..." despite her initial indication that she actually might like the sour sucker.

At first, Clara thinks she might like her new mystery treat. She licks the Warhead and very sincerely proclaims that she likes it, although in her adorable no-front-teeth-speech, it sounds more like she "wikes" it. Whoever is filming the video encourages her to put the whole thing in her mouth, which is where the experiment goes awry. Clara no longer wikes the Warhead, and her facial expressions are by far the most precious thing you're going to see today. As she cringes spectacularly, you're going to wish you had your own darn baby to make eat funny things.

Watch the whole incident of Clara trying her first Warhead below:

Meanwhile, in the spirit of cute kids eating things they have strong reactions to, here are some more adorable videos of tiny tykes feeling weird about putting stuff in their mouths. (Remember that some kids eat snails, while others suck on their own toes, so it's a very vague threshold they have for what constitutes weird.)

1. These babies trying lemons for the first time

In case you were worried there weren't enough parents out there using their children to their fullest potential, these parents, nay heroes, all taped the most adorable reactions their babies had when trying lemon for the first time. Watch this compilation for maximum cuteness.

2. This baby trying bacon for the first time

I seriously want to adopt this kid, and make him my mascot. His enthusiasm is contagious.

3. This little girl having her first olive

This little girl's expression when trying her first olive is priceless, because she just can't even with this. (Also she is wrong, olives are delightful.)

4. Babies eating ice cream for the first time

If you thought babies eating lemons for the first time was cute, you have seen nothing until you've seen these babies having ice cream for the first time. Oh, the joy.

Images: YouTube (2)