A J. Law & Darren Aronofsky Film Is Coming Soon

I've never put much stock in the power of The Secret, but, now that I'm hearing Jennifer Lawrence will work with Darren Aronofsky on his next project, either The Secret is real, or Jennifer Lawrence is a wizard. (I'm not sure which is more plausible, but, at least if it's the former, there's a possibility that it could work for me too. I've already wasted too much time waiting for my own letter from Hogwarts.) Anyway. Let me explain what I'm even talking about, because you're probably confused. It was just announced that Lawrence will be collaborating with Aronofsky on his next film, which doesn't seem to have a title yet, but is about a couple whose lives are disrupted and whose relationship is tested when their home is invaded by uninvited guests.

Javier Barden is also set to star, Paramount Pictures is lined up to produce, and it will likely hit theaters sometime in 2017. So what does all of this have to do with secrets and wizardry? Well, the fact that as recently as Fall 2015, Lawrence was telling anyone who would listen that the man behind movies like Black Swan, The Wrestler, and Requiem for a Dream was the director she most wanted to work with next. And she had a very unique approach to making that happen, according to Entertainment Weekly:

I had the same reaction to him that I did with David [O. Russell] when I first discovered David’s films. I watched I Heart Huckabees 11 times. I’m not joking. I watched all of his films repeatedly and then I did the same thing with Darren. These are two directors in my life who I have spent an obsessive weekend with. I started with The Wrestler and I went nuts from there.

WIZARD. WIZARD WOMAN. She watches a director's movies 11 times, no more no less, and then, the next thing you know, they're slated to work together. Magic, no? I have to start trying this tactic out in my own life, except I may start with something smaller than an Academy Award-winning director. Maybe if I watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 11 times in a row, my world will become candy that I can eat. Or, alternately, I might blow up like a blueberry or get stuck in a chocolate pipe. So it may be better to leave the wizardry to Jennifer Lawrence, at last until I get a little more training.