Who Will Play A Young Han Solo?

by Kaitlin Reilly

If you haven't seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, you're likely in some sort of 127 Hours situation and are desperate to get to the nearest movie theater the second you climb out from that crevasse. If you are like the rest of the world who did see the new film, then you're likely *SPOILER ALERT* still sobbing over the death of Han Solo. Yep, Harrison Ford's snarky pilot met his maker at the hands of his Dark Side-embracing son Kylo Ren, and it was as tragic as it was unexpected. But while the world wept for Han, we aren't done seeing his story: a Han Solo spinoff is in the works, and on Monday Variety reported that casting for the young Han Solo is now underway. A shortlist for actors who could play a young Han is now available, and it features nearly every young actor you love.

The new Han Solo film won't begin shooting until 2017, but considering that the role of Han is one of a lifetime, it's never too early to get casting underway. Fortunately, fans of Star Wars now have a list of solid young actors who could take over the part. So who will be deemed worthy enough to step into Ford's spaceship? Here are the actors producers are considering.

1. Miles Teller


One of Hollywood's most coveted young actors is also a master of snark, not unlike Han himself. Though he broke out for roles in "smaller" dramas like the acclaimed The Spectacular Now and Oscar-winning Whiplash, he proved he was no stranger to action with a starring role in the new Fantastic Four flick. He certainly has the charisma to take over as Han.

2. Ansel Elgort

Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Hollywood newcomer made a name for himself by breaking our hearts with his role in The Fault In Our Stars. Though we'll always know him as Hazel's Augustus Waters, Elgort role in the Divergent franchise proves he's equally comfortable in films where romance takes a backseat to world-saving. Then there's the fact that Elgort has a serious likeness to a young Ford — could be be his successor by default?

3. Dave Franco


He's not just James' little brother anymore. The actor may be best known for comedies like Neighbors and 21 Jump Street, but with his star on the rise, a major action franchise could be his next big thing. He's goofy enough to play Han, and it would definitely be a refreshing change to see Franco as more than a sidekick.

4. Jack Reynor

Keith Tsuji/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If the rest of the actors on this list can bring Han's humor to the forefront, the Transformers: Age Of Extinction star can bring the brawn. The Irish actor looks more Chris Pratt than Ford, but considering both actors have helped save the galaxy once upon a time, that can only work in his favor.

5. Scott Eastwood

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This gorgeous actor (seriously, like, oh my God, so dreamy) has a Hollywood pedigree and a few big features under his belt, including Fury and the Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Longest Ride. He's definitely got the heroic thing down.

6. Logan Lerman

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lerman may be best known for his starring role in the Perks Of Being A Wallflower, but he hasn't always played the quiet type. He starred as the titular character in the Percy Jackson franchise as an uncertain hero who eventually comes into his own, proving that Lerman can totally grasp Han's hero origins story.

7. Emory Cohen

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cohen most recently starred in Brooklyn, but he's cut his teeth on musical TV series Smash and in the Ryan Gosling film The Place Behind The Pines. He's flown mostly under the radar as an actor, but according to IMDb has five films in the works. If chosen for Han, he may be the new name on everyone's lips before the movie is even announced — and that certainly can't hurt.

8. Blake Jenner

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jenner scored a role on Glee after winning The Glee Project in 2012. Now he's starring in the highly-anticipated Richard Linklater film Everybody Wants Some, described as "Dazed and Confused meets the '80s." If Jenner is able to encapsulate the '80s in that movie, hopefully he can do the same if selected for the role of '80s icon Han.

Whatever actor plays Han, here's hoping that they make us miss Ford's just a little big less.