7 Highlighter Hacks To Up Your Makeup Game

by Jessica Willingham

Highlighting (or strobing) is one of the greatest things to enter our everyday routines, if you ask me. Highlighters help you look brighter, more awake, more hydrated, and besides, who doesn't love bathing in bright, shimmering makeup? Even if you consider yourself a highlighter pro, I'm sure you haven't thought up all of the unusual ways to use highlighter, beyond your cheekbones.

Highlighting can bring attention to your favorite features, whether that's your nose, pout, or cheeks. Beyond that, it's a hugely versatile product that is essential to every makeup kit. It can be used virtually anywhere, and applied in a dozen different ways. You can apply it with a brush or a damp beauty sponge, or you can mix it with other products for a luminous look or apply it to create seemingly larger or smaller features. The possibilities are endless.

The type of highlight you prefer may depend on your skin texture; typically, oily skin types like powders while drier complexions love cream products. I think both formulations are beneficial to have in your repertoire — they can help you take a look from day to night, or come in handy when you're having an off day (a hangover, for example, demands moisture!).

Below are some of my favorite, unconventional ways to highlight. Watch the videos, learn a few hacks, and have some fun!

1. Highlight Under Your Blush

Apply highlighter underneath your blush for a "glow from within."

2. Highlight On Your Lips

Yep, you can dab a bit of highlighter on top of your lipstick and gloss. Try dabbing it in the very center of your lips for a fuller pout.

3. Highlight On Your Cupid's Bow

You can bring attention to your pout by highlighting your cupid's bow, or that space inbetween your nose and lips.

4. Mixing Highlighter With Foundation

To get an overall dewy look, you can prime with a luminous liquid highlight or mix a bit in with your foundation.

5. Dusting Highlighter Under Your Eyes

This is one of my favorite tricks to look wide awake. Mix a bit of your setting powder with a powder foundation and lightly dust under your eyes for a brighter look. You can also mix a dab of liquid highlight with your concealer and apply with a beauty sponge.

6. Highlighter As Eyeshadow

I love using a warm, pink or peachy highlight as an eyeshadow. You can quickly swipe a highlight over your lids for a quick shimmering look.

7. Highlight Your Nose

If you don't want to bring attention to the bridge of your nose, you can highlight the tip of your nose instead to bring a luminous glow to your face.

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