You Have To See Beautyblender's Latest Creation

Your winged eyeliner skills are about to get a major boost. Always up for innovation, Beautyblender's Liner Designer promises a ***flawless cat eye look for the low, low price of $16. It's not out till this spring, but this teeny little makeup tool is already getting major buzz.

Allure compares the rubber-y plastic product to a thick guitar pick in Beautyblender's signature hot pink hue. It's got three sides for different applications: "One short round edge, a straight-laced edge, and a curvy edge," according to the site. Apparently, it can be used with all different types of eyeliner formulas: liquid, gel, pencil, you name it.

Beauty Blender Liner Designer, $16, Sephora

And it's not just for mega-dramatic winged liner devotees — BeautyBlender says the tool can be used to help you keep a steady hand when you're trying to master that much-coveted perfect line, even if you're not going for a major cat eye. Plus, it can be used to create a sharp lip liner look, too.

Beautyblender's been known to introduce some amazing and unique products, and the Liner Designer is unlikely to be an exception. Of course, shelling out $16 on a little piece of rubber might sound excessive, but you can't argue with it if it really, truly works.

Beauty Blender Liner Designer, $16, Sephora

Time will tell...

The tool won't be out till later this year, but if you're looking for the perfect winged eyeliner tool ASAP, check out these three ideas:


This tutorial uses the surgical kind, but you could always go with good ol' Scotch tape, too.


The secret to the perfect cat eye could be hiding right in your kitchen.

Business Card

If Michelle Phan vouches for it, it must be worthwhile.

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