Donald Trump's Job Interview For President On 'The Tonight Show' Reveals Just How Serious He Is About The White House

It's the most important position in the country, which is why Donald Trump sat for a job interview for president on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday night. While the business mogul has a lot of experience asking the tough questions, he gave far less pushback than expected to Jimmy Fallon's queries, perhaps a sign the Republican will take a more middling approach now that the first caucuses are just weeks away.

Trump appeared to understand his audience was much more moderate than his usual rally supporters, and the typically bombastic speaker took a muted and safe route. When asked about Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, he joked, "I haven't even started on her yet," but went so far as to call a possible Trump-Clinton showdown in the general election an "amazing thing." Trump's Tonight Show appearance comes a few days before the sixth GOP showdown, where he'll be center stage once again as the leading Republican candidate in national polls. That same night, Clinton is set to sit across from Fallon, giving viewers a great opportunity to juxtapose the leading candidates from opposite parties.

Now that it's the new year and the primaries are in full flux, the possibility of a President Trump feels much more real. His answers could be a sign of what Americans can expect should he make it to the White House.

Describe Yourself.

"I'm an extraordinarily handsome person. I have a beautiful head of hair. I was always a good student, and I always worked hard."

Why Do You Want This Job?

"Because I wanna make America great again."

What Are Your Strengths?

"I think, believe it or not, bringing people together."

What Are Your Weaknesses?

"That I never forget. ... I'm too nice too long, and when I become — like, somebody takes advantage of a situation — I become too bad for too long."

Are You Willing To Relocate?

"I love the White House."

This Is A High-Profile Position. Is Media Attention Something You'd Be Comfortable With?

"Not at all. I'd be very uncomfortable."

Images: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/NBC