A Go Daddy Ad That Actually Makes Sense

Anyone out there who uses Go Daddy as their domain name host can shout "Hooray!" because Go Daddy has finally decided to make a commercial that makes sense. Go Daddy's newest Super Bowl commercial stars spokesperson Danica Patrick in a muscle suit rather than tight fitting race gear or a towel or naked in the shower. This is awesome because it shows that Go Daddy finally realized that their commercials made no sense and were just about ladies being "sexy" for no reason. The fact that they kept Patrick but had her dress up in a ridiculous bodysuit shows that.

There's nothing wrong with Patrick being sexy, but Go Daddy's previous commercials didn't have anything to do with their brand. They make no sense and are a turn off to people who are potential customers. In reaction to the commercials, female Etsy shop owners pressured the site to stop working in conjunction with Go Daddy. The ads seem objectifying with no real point besides, "Look! Women! Boobs! It doesn't even matter what we're selling!"

Last year, Go Daddy CMO Barb Rechterman released a statement saying that Go Daddy would be making a change.

We've matured. We've evolved. Our new brand of Super Bowl commercials will make it crystal clear what we do and who we stand for. We may be changing our approach, but as we've always said, we don't care what the critics think. We are all about our customers.

With the new commercial, there is actually focus on what Go Daddy does. Danica Patrick, dressed in a ridiculous muscle suit, runs along with a bunch of bodybuilders up to a spray tan salon while happy-go-lucky-sounded music plays in the background. A woman working at the salon is excited when the group arrives and with her spray tan gun in hand says, "It's go time." The screen then turns Go Daddy green with the slogan "Get found. Get business."

Thank you! Yes, this is what you do, Go Daddy. You help people run their businesses by selling website domains and you tell people that in your commercials.