Dog Tries To Copy Girl's Cartwheel & It's Too Cute

by Kat George

There is nothing better than animals thinking they are people, and watching as this dog tries to cartwheel like its young owner proves just that. Silly dog! You’re not a girl! You’re a four-legged animal! You can't cartwheel! Obviously, this dog didn't get the memo — and to be honest, the world is a better place for it. Who needs dogs sticking to traditionally held archetypes of canine behavior anyway? As for the matter-of-fact caption that comes with the video? Well, it’s almost as amusing as the dog’s stunt itself: "This little girl wanted to show off her cartwheeling skills, so she went all over her living room doing them. Her dog wanted to get in the action and tried to copy her, but he wasn't as graceful as the girl."

Posted by YouTube channel DailyPicksandFlicks, the video shows a little girl with some serious moves bounding around the room, doing some awesome dancing that I'm probably going to copy the next time I'm out on the dance floor myself. One such move? Sporadically throwing herself into cartwheels. She’s pretty good, but her gymnastic skill is quickly overshadowed by her dog, who seemingly wants to partake in the dance party, too. Forgetting, it seems, that it is a four-legged canine, the dog throws itself down in the weirdest looking floor roll ever. Hey dog, you at least get points for enthusiasm.

Want to see the cartwheel-filled routine in full? Check out the hilarious video below:

Meanwhile, in the spirit of animals thinking they're people, I've gone ahead and found some more furry and feathered friends who are trying on anthropomorphism for size. Prepare to die of giggles and cuteness.

1. This cat on its hind legs

This is the most adorable cat you will ever see, and it's standing on its hind legs. Awwww. It thinks it's people!

2. Even more cats that think they are people

If that one adorable cat walking on two legs wasn't enough for you, here's a whole amazing compilation of many cats who think they're people. Just wait until you see the cat riding on the back of a bike.

3. Goats screaming like people

It wouldn't be an "animals who think they're people" post without including goats screaming in such a way that sounds like people, now would it?

4. These ridiculously cute pandas acting like kids

These pandas acting like little children when dad tries to feed them their medicine are absolutely adorable, although I can see why they, like children, might get annoying, which means they've really pulled off the act of behaving like small children perfectly.

5. This gorilla who walks like a man

This gorilla, walking around on his legs, is kind of terrifying, but also very human-man like.

6. All these other dogs acting like humans

If the cartwheeling dog wasn't enough for you, here are a ton more dogs acting like people. Don't say I never did anything for you.

Images: YouTube (2)