The 10 Most Interesting Neighborhoods In The World According To Airbnb Will Give You Major Travel Inspiration

One of the best parts of traveling is getting to explore new places, but it isn't always easy to discover the best neighborhoods around your destination. Now, though, you have a go-to guide of the best neighborhoods in the world: Airbnb has curated a list of the 16 top trending neighborhoods of 2016, and they'll definitely give you some major travel inspiration.

In order to compile their ranking, Airbnb tracked the travel patterns of over 40 million users over the course of 2015. The crowdsharing travel accomodation site noticed that those who use Airbnb to book lodging are more apt to explore and venture into new territory — that is, there is a trend showing that many people are choosing to stay outside of city centers or downtown districts of large cities. Almost three-quarters — 74 percent — of all listings are outside of these types of districts, with travelers instead opting to stay in up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Many of the neighborhoods on the list are in cities that are generally growing in popularity, as well. Most of the destinations that made the list also had a healthy mix of local cuisine, unique shopping centers, the opportunity for outdoor activities, and an active art scene. Let's check out the top 10 neighborhoods that made the rankings on this list; if you want to see the full results, make sure to head over to Airbnb.

10. Roma Sur in Mexico City, Mexico

Roma Sur came in 10th place, with the neighborhood having experienced a growth rate of 275 percent over 2015 on Airbnb. According to the site's travel guide, life in Roma Sur "revolves around daily routine"; you can find many hard-working families living here. There's a notable art scene in this neighborhood, as well.

9. Meireles in Fortaleza, Brazil

This coastal neighborhood in Fortaleza is a major urban hub that's teeming with activity. Meireles Beach is one notable attraction, which also features a main street with modern hotels and restaurants on one side and the ocean on the other. There's constant activity here, making it a great spot for active tourists.

8. Kaneohe on Oahu, Hawaii

This quiet pocket of Oahu has many picturesque B and Bs, serene beaches, and natural wonders, including the botanical gardens and the Pu’u Ma’eli’eli Digging Hill hiking trail. It's a great place to visit if you're looking for some peace and quiet.

7. Hammerbrook in Hamburg, Germany

This neighboorhood in Hamburg is filled with old churches, historic museums, and many canals. One of the most notable attractions the neighborhood features is the Minatur Wunderland, which is the largest model train attraction in the world. The feel of this neighborhood is very industrial, so it's perfect for the European backpacker.

6. Triana in Seville, Spain

Coming in at number six, Triana experienced a massive rate of growth on Airbnb in the last year: The area was stayed in 770 percent more often in 2015. The neighborhood is covered with cobblestone streets, statues of the Virgin Mary, and outdoor markets, so it's basically like something out of a storybook.

5. Koukaki in Athens, Greece

Koukaki is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Athens, rife with many local restaurants, tourist attractions, bars, and natural wonders. The city's main attraction, however, is the Acropolis Museum, which is located on the site of ancient temples. It attracts thousands of people every day.

4. Capucins in Bordeaux, France

In fourth place is Capucins, which experienced a 960 percent rate of growth on Airbnb in 2015. One of its most popular attractions are its outdoor markets, which have every type of cheese and herb available you could imagine.

3. Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lampur is known as Malaysia's Little India Brickfields; it features all kinds of elements of Indian culture, from Bollywood, to spices, food, and music. It's a little pocket of heaven that is filled with a lot of diversity, as well as housing a huge outdoor shopping district.

2. Banglampoo in Bangkok, Thailand

This pocket of Thailand's capital city is a vibrant area that is perfect of young travelers who like an active nightlife scene. In a twist, the city is also home to many famous Buddhist temples, which could also make for an interesting visit.

1. Chūō-ku in Osaka, Japan

Coming in first place is Chūō-ku, which experienced a whopping 7,000 percent Airbnb growth in 2015! This neighborhood in Osaka houses the city's financial district, which has naturally led to the construction of many high-end shopping plazas, bars, and restaurants, making it a hotspot for tourists and local young professionals alike.

Images: Rutledge, Linsdell, Lozano, Hailé, Lawley/Flickr; Pexels