You Get to Choose David Beckham's H&M Superbowl Underwear Ad

Getting asked to watch a shirtless ad of David Beckham in his underwear may be the best thing his fans have ever been asked to do. For David Beckham's H&M Super Bowl ad, a teaser of two potential commercial options was released, and fans will have until 11:59 p.m. on Feb.1 to vote for which one they want to air. Beckham first appeared in a sexy Super Bowl ad in 2012 to introduce is David Beckham Bodywear underwear line.

The full versions of both 30-second commercials, titled #Uncovered (ladies will pick, my small guess) and #Covered (jealous boyfriends who care) haven't come out yet, but the teaser has us poised and ready to hashtag. Frankly, since it's David Beckham, both hashtags should basically just be #Hot and #Hot, since he's running around in shirtless wearing briefs in both. Except in the #Uncovered one, he flies through the sky and may not be wearing underwear at the end... so that may be the clear winner.

Yes. Heritage-inspired bodywear. Underwear. Abs. Whatever you want to call it, Beckham is definitely at his best. H&M also promises that both commercials will be "a high-octane ride with tantalizing views of Beckham in never-before-seen positions."

Never-before-seen? Does Posh Spice know about this?

Voting begins on Jan 29., and fans will be able to vote in H&M stores or online. And even though the Super Bowl only comes once a year (boo, I like the chance to combine wings, pizza, and pigs in a blanket whenever possible), you can gaze at pictures from the shoot for as long as you want.

You can watch the teaser of the commercial below:

Images: H&M/Twitter