Woman Looking Up Her Former Crush Is All Of Us

This video of a woman Facebook stalking her high school crush — and her hilarious reaction when she finds out that his new girlfriend is a model — represents a universal truth: At some point in your life, you are going to find out that someone you once loved has a new partner. And even though you know it’s a terrible, TERRIBLE idea, you will find out who that person is, you will stalk that person’s Facebook account, and you’ll find a reason to feel inadequate. It’s an inevitable part of the human condition.

Filmed by writer and illustrator Hallie Bateman, the video shows writer Marian Bull as she looks up her old high school crush on Facebook. Bull says, “The boy I was in love with in high school has a girlfriend, and I just found out on Facebook, and she's so pretty!” Soon, she’s half-laughing and half-crying as she looks through the new girlfriend’s Facebook page, clearly aware of the ridiculousness of the situation, while also experiencing the weird feeling that comes with knowing that someone you loved — no matter how long ago it may have been — is in love with someone else. Haven’t we all been there?

As she looks at photos of her crush’s girlfriend, she says, “We don't look anything alike... It's like her skin is made of silk that has little sun rays woven into it,” before adding, “I'm sure she's a really nice person.”

After scrolling through more pictures, Bull announces, “She makes really mediocre watercolor paintings!” with all the glee of discovering a rival’s weak spot (even if there’s no rivalry in real life). (Bull later tweeted, “I'm sorry I called her watercolor paintings mediocre I'm sure she's a very nice person.”)

Finding headshots among the girlfriend’s photos, Bull asks, “Is she a model? She’s a model! She’s definitely a model!” and begins laughing so hard she can barely speak. “And I’m just sitting here in my sh*tty apartment! Our heat doesn’t even work. I bet her heat works. She lives in California! She doesn’t even need heat!,” she laughs.

(Bull later told Seventeen that she was mistaken, and that the woman in question is actually an actress in New York City).

Bull’s unguarded response to a moment we’ve all faced — that sinking moment when you realize an ex has a new partner and he or she just might be more attractive than you —has struck a chord with a lot of people. After being posted yesterday, the video has already gotten over 51 thousand views on YouTube, with some commenters chiming in with messages of solidarity. One YouTuber wrote, “I feel like I've gone through this with every guy I've liked, lol. But sometimes I'm the mediocre artist.” Another adds, “I feel this video in my bones.”

At the end, Bull concludes, “Definitely not going to get invited to their wedding.”

Images: YouTube (3)