Does A Cartilage Piercing Hurt?

New year, new you, boo. You've decided you want to switch up your look with something edgy, new, tiny, and adorable. You want a new piercing, but you're wondering: Does a cartilage piercing hurt? Here's what you need to know.

Cartilage piercings are one of the most common body modifications, right after basic earlobe piercings. A cartilage piercing can be done on the nose or the upper ear area. If you're doing your research by reading this article and others, good for you! In-depth research on any body modification is a wise and critical move. However, while I can tell you the different methods of cartilage piercing and how to spot a legitimate parlor, I can't exactly tell you if your cartilage piercing will hurt or not, and to what degree.

Similar to tattoos, every person will have a unique experience. However, I can tell you that most people start with a cartilage piercing and as a result, go on to get tattoos and various other piercings, partly because the experience wasn't horrendous.

So, what can you expect? If you are concerned about pain, go to a salon or parlor that uses a needle instead of a gun. Why? Well, a gun is likely less sterile, according to Safe Piercing. In fact, using a piercing gun for cartilage is actually outlawed because it's so blunt. The gun forces a stud through the ear, causing skin to rip in order to make room for the jewelry. It also pinches the jewelry back against the skin, suffocating the new wound and preventing it from breathing and healing properly.

A better alternative is to use an extremely sharp, hallow piercing needle. This is the chosen instrument of true professionals, as it gently slices through the skin to make room for the jewelry. It's a much less forceful approach, leaving the tissue far less traumatized.

Next, the pain you experience is directly related to your aftercare. While the initial piercing pain is likely fleeting, like a cat scratch, it's the potential post-piercing infection that will really hurt. You'll want to wash your new piercing with soap and a saline solution twice a day, and stay away from rubbing alcohol. When it's wet, you can "turn" the piercing to prevent clogging.

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Overall, doing your research and going in with an attitude of excitement, instead of all-out fear, will help make your cartilage piercing a pleasantly memorable experience.

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