Gigi's B-Day Message For Zayn Is Confusing

I think most of us are on the same page when it comes to Instagram. While I'm scrolling through my feed, I don't need to read some caption the length of War and Peace, nor do I need to spend more than five to 10 seconds staring at a photo to figure out what it's of. Make it simple and fun, Instagram users. That said, there is one celebrity IG user who isn't following my rules. Gigi Hadid wished Zayn Malik a happy birthday Tuesday via Instagram, which is cute in itself, but her photo is both cryptic and confusing. Seriously, my head hurts after staring at it.

Thankfully, she captioned it, "ZDay" with a heart. Short, sweet, to the point, and a play on b-day. Good job, Hadid. However, the photo, not so much. As you can see below, it's hard to say for certain what exactly is happening. Obviously, the time and date are listed. (And for those who think it reads, "Dec. 1, 2016," it does not. It is in European style so it actually reads, "Jan. 12, 2016.")

Other than that, this abstract picture is like a complicated jigsaw puzzle. The pieces aren't fitting together for me. I bet Scandal's Olivia Pope couldn't even figure it out.

So, I guess that means I'm going to to have to try and decipher it all on my own. Here are a few ideas of what the heck this ridiculous photo just might mean.

It's Zayn's Birthday Wardrobe

Maybe this is a zoomed in shot of what Malik is wearing on his birthday? It's really the only option that makes sense.

It's An Extreme Close-Up Of Gigi's One Direction Poster

Hey, she might have one still hanging up in her room. You don't know. I mean, maybe she is secretly wishing Malik would rejoin 1D, just like the most die-hard Directioners.

It's A Teaser From Zayn's New Music Video

He is creating new music, after all. Hmm... I think I'm onto something here.

It's Gigi Wearing Zayn's Favorite Shirt & Necklace

Maybe it's not even Malik at all, but Hadid sporting one of his T-shirt's and his favorite gold chain?

It's Their Way Of Pitching A New Line Of VHS Tapes

Seriously, doesn't this look like it's footage from an old VHS tape? Hey, fashion from the '90s is making a comeback, why not VHS tapes? But wait, they might not even know what a VHS tape is...

It's Just A Way To Confuse Everyone

Mission accomplished.

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