Sexy Old Spice Man Wants to Help You

His voice is epic, and his abs are even more impressive. He's the Old Spice man, otherwise known as Isaiah Mustafa, and he's back in another set of innovative ads for the deodorant line. This time, he's here to help the men in your life from making bad internet decisions in an "Internetvention". That's right, it's an intervention on the internet. BOOM.

Basically, the campaign is targeting those infomercial-watching-click-happy individuals who are easily scammed by internet ads, aka all of us — am I right? Old Spice created eight fictional products, and a website for each, so you can send a link to your friend ("yo brah, you gotta check this out!") and as they explore the page, Mustafa himself will appear and offer them a scolding. And who wouldn't feel a teeny bit guilty after Mustafa, in all his abundant manliness, asks you to “evaluate the poor, embarrassing tragedies that brought you to attend a spray tan party.”

Each fictional product is terribly unique in its own way, the spray tan party (why just spray tan when you can be surrounded by babes and house music, all at the same time?), black leather sheets that never need to be washed (just... seasoned), a push-up muscle shirt, protein-enriched cologne, a solid-gold headset, a neck workout machine, or (my personal favorite) flavored soul patch powder. Can you lick it? Yes you can.

See what happens if you visit one of the invented sites:

Image: YouTube