These 8 Sophisticated Colored Eyeliner Looks Are Anything But Childish — VIDEOS

A pop of color in your makeup is a fun way to add oomph to any beauty look, but it can be tricky to work a bright liner without looking or feeling a little childish. Done right, though, grown-up colored eyeliner can be sweet, sophisticated, and anything but juvenile. Who says coloring is just for kids?

When you're rocking a colored liner, consider keeping the rest of your look pretty adult-ish — now's not the time to go completely minimal, lest you end up looking like a middle schooler who's just discovered the joy of makeup (and making a mistake or two.) Keep the liner as your focus, but don't skip out on the other stuff. Think mature eyeshadow, sculpted brows, done-up skin, bold lashes, and plush lips.

Colored liner can also look amazing as a water liner, if you're not totally ready to commit to a graphic style. Choose a hue that's close-ish to black, like a dark emerald green or a deep eggplant shade, to ease into the look.

Whether you're an eye pencil devotee, a liquid lover, a gel addict or anything in between, here are eight bold, bright eyeliner looks to up your beauty game (and subtly channel your inner '80s chick).


Samantha Ravndahl on YouTube

This grown-up green shade is perfect if you're not ready to plunge headfirst into an electric hue.

Ice Blue

Shaaanxo on YouTube

An icy aqua shade will match the frosty winter days on their way in 2016.


easyNeon on YouTube

Who says oxblood makeup is only for lips? A deep burgundy eyeliner takes the popular color to new heights (literally.)


Claire Ashley on YouTube

Cobalt is a can't-go-wrong color — it's classic, trendy, and widely available in many different liner formulas.


OhYesItsV on YouTube

A pop of purple can work with an otherwise neutral beauty look or with another bright color, like a bold lipstick, if you're feeling extra sassy.


Alison Henry on YouTube

This tutorial layers an eye-catching color over a classic black cat eye.

Pale Yellow

Desi Perkins on YouTube

Yellow eyeliner? Here's the bona fide proof that it can totally work.


Miixa Secundo on YouTube

This look isn't stingy with the teal hue, but maybe we all need a little color overload in our beauty routine every once in a while.

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