Why You Should Have Been Crushing On Carlton Banks

Listen, I know that, usually, when everyone watches The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, they are swooning over one guy and one guy only: Will Smith. The eponymous Fresh Prince is a ladies' man dreamboat that we all can't help but be charmed by, even as we know that we'll only be one in his long parade of dates before he meets his fiancée Lisa. However, I am here to tell you today that we've been watching the show wrong all these years. Carlton Banks is the perfect boyfriend on The Fresh Prince . Especially when it comes to the wintertime, when it's so cold outside that it almost feels cold in my heart, the man that I want to melt my icy interior is Carlton Banks. Sorry, Will, but you're just not up to the task the way that Carlton is.

This might be hard for you to accept at first, because Carlton was the dorky counterpart to Will's effortless cool. His dance moves were questionable, his shirt was always tucked into his pants, and he had an unironic love for Tom Jones that made Will give him exasperated looks. However, it's these same things and more that make Carlton such a dreamy boyfriend, because they prove how willing he is to laugh at himself, what a snappy dresser he is, and what a sensitive soul he possessed beneath all those preppy clothes. If I haven't convinced you by the end of this that Carlton should be your winter crush over Will... then, I don't know, you're just wrong. See for yourself.

1. His Dance Moves Were Timeless

Even today, people are still doing the Carlton — including the actor behind Carlton Banks himself, Alfonso Ribeiro.

2. He Dressed Better Than Will

Mustard pants with that busy of a shirt, Will? Look to Carlton's more muted and understated blend of pattern and pastel for clues on how to dress yourself.

3. He Gave The Best Hugs

Even when people didn't want to hug him back, Carlton always had two arms connected to a heart that were open and waiting for someone to come inside.

4. He Always Did Well Academically

He was already rich and had a trust fund to fall back on, and yet he was constantly working hard to get top grades in school. Can you say dream man?

5. He Was Fiscally Responsible...

Carlton was always making sure that his trust fund would come through for him in the end, because, even if he was going to be a self-made man, that didn't mean he didn't need to have all his bases covered.

6. ...Though Not Without His Relatable Flaws

Who among us hasn't struggled with a major flaw or addiction like Carlton's addiction to gambling? No one's perfect and, to be fair, he does have a lot of money to burn through.

7. He Was Never Afraid To Laugh At Himself

In fact, he laughed at himself more often than Will was willing to laugh at himself. So, again, bye Will.

8. He Was A Very Forgiving Person

No matter what it was that Will did to, or said about, him, Carlton was always there for Will. He forgave Will for anything, up to and including making out with his girlfriends. Now that's love.

9. But Also A Total Badass

Will thought the hood would eat Carlton alive, and, yet, he soon ended up running the place. When it really matters, Carlton can go from zero to badass real quick.

10. Spending Time With People He Cared About Was Very Important To Him

Lonely winters are the absolute worst, but that would never happen with Carlton. He'd love to spend quiet nights in just cuddling with you, because he hates it when he can't spend time with the people he loves.

11. That Body Though

I'll just leave this here.

12. His Sweater Game Is On Fleek

My sweater game wishes it was Carlton's sweater game.

13. He Got Along Well With His Siblings...

The Banks family was frequently chaotic, but Carlton was always there for Hilary, Ashley, and Will, when they actually came to him for help.

14. ...Even When He Wasn't Getting Along Well With His Siblings

Hey, no sibling bond is going to be all sunshine and roses. At least you know he can handle your family for the winter.

15. He Treated Women With Respect

Say whatever you want about Carlton, but he never got punished by a sorority for being sexist. Then again, that's how Will met his future wife, so I guess the punishment wasn't that bad.

16. He Also Loved Babies

You hear that, ladies? This man was ready to settle down before he had even graduated college. And even if you're not all about living that future mom life, dudes who think babies are adorable are just better people.

17. He Has A Butler

So you can watch as many winter movies in a row as you like, without having to get up for more cookies yourself.

At the end of the day, Carlton might not have been the convention choice, but he had a lot going for him that Will didn't. When I need someone to cuddle with through the cold winter months, it's Carlton Banks that I want to snuggle up with out of all the characters on the Fresh Prince. Including the Fresh Prince himself.

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