Grandparents Adorably Weigh In With Love Advice

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, romance is in the air — and just ahead of the heart-shaped holiday, BuzzFeed's "Grandparents Give Love Advice" video offers some valuable (and not to mention adorable) insight into keeping the spark in your relationship for the long haul.

In full disclosure, the video will make you miss your grandparents something awful. If you've still got 'em, call and and tell them how much it makes you miss them, mmkay? And, while you're at it, ask them about the key to everlasting love, like BuzzFeed did. The ensuing responses — although some predictably "old-school" — offer an interesting look at the world of modern dating through the unique lens of couples who met, fell in love, married and have made their lives together without the aid of digital matchmaking.

In order to tap into this unique perspective, single BuzzFeed staffer Taylor Freeman and couple Anthony and Christy, who've been dating for two and a half years, polled their respective grandparents on a variety of topics. And, you guys, it's so cute it hurts. It's also hopeful, to be real, knowing that not all love has an expiration date ... and, er, other romantic activities don't either. If you catch mine and Grandma Sally's drift — wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Here are few highlights from the wisdom-wielding grandparents, but make sure you scroll down to watch the video in its entirety.

1. On Going Dutch

Men picking up the tab on dates can be considered passe today, largely because it isn't necessary — this gender-based tradition developed in the '20s when few women earned decent wages. And so while today's daters generally don't mind divvying up the bill, these grandparents are having none of it. Miriam is not amused, y'all.

2. On Online Dating

Recent data estimates that of the 54+ million single people living in the U.S., roughly 49 million of them have tried online dating. I mean, hey, boasts over 23 million members. But for these octogenarians, online dating or the use of any digital matchmaking service is a polite pass. Antonio and Miriam, who've been married for 56 years, insist chemistry can only truly be appreciated in person and, well, Sally's definitely got a point with the whole safety angle.

3. On Keeping the Magic Going

Are you ready for some real pearls of wisdom? Let Papa Antonio preach the virtues of honesty and understanding in a relationship. "Don't lie to each other," he says. Plus, "Take your time, maybe invite her to have a dinner." Sounds like some solid advice to me! Apparently the quickest way to at least two women's hearts (Miriam and me, obvs) is through the stomach.

Images: Pixabay; BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube (4)