How To Hang Out Without Drinking Or Shopping

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So, let's get something straight right out the gate (didn't mean to rhyme, but here we are): there ain't nothin' wrong with drinking or shopping. Drinking and shopping are two of the best things to do. They are fun and I completely understand why you'd want to spend all of your spare time doing one or either. (Or both at the same time? One can dream.) But there's a reality here that's kinda brutal, but very real: neither of these things, when done as a supplement for hobbies or other interests, are very healthy for you. There's a difference between having a glass of wine with dinner or having drinks with friends and drinking as your weekend go-to. It's not good for your body or your bank account, and regardless, they're both better when done in moderation.

But as a Grown Ass Person, what else is there to do? You'd be shocked at how few people really know what they would enjoy doing, or what "fun" means to them as an adult. We simply don't take the time to figure out what it is that really fulfills us, so we tend to just do what everybody else does in the interim. But it doesn't have to be this way. There are tons of things to do with your friends to balance out your blood alcohol level and your budget. Here, a few ideas to get you started (and maybe get the ball rolling for your own ideas as well!):

Start A Mini-Book Club

Agree to all read the same book at the same time, meet up once a week to talk about it and have snacks and drinks. Voila.

Go Hiking (Or Walking, Depending Where You Are)

You know those old ladies who have "walking buddies" with whom they exercise and gossip with? Yep. That's gonna be you eventually, might as well cut to the chase now.


Do something with your time that serves someone other than yourself... and do it with someone you care about. You'll feel great, and you'll bond at the same time.

Start A Creative Side-Project Together

Start a communal blog, or open a small side business, write and illustrate a children's book, write music. All you need is a friend who is equally interested and willing!

Do A Closet-Swap

Have everyone bring the pieces in their wardrobe they're willing to part with, place it all in the center of the room, and let everyone take their pick of what they like! It gives you new pieces for free, and then if you donate the leftovers, it's for a good cause as well.


While it's usually the case that someone cooks and someone joins dinner-party-esque, learn to cook with your friends, regardless of the size of your kitchen. Try some of those extra-decadent YouTube tutorials for brownies baked in cookies with Oreos underneath... or something else crazy like that.

Do A Low-Key Weekend Sport In The Park

Have everyone agree to come to the same spot on a Saturday and kick around a ball for a few hours. No pressure, just for fun.

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