7 Easy Ways To Remove Glitter Makeup

Glitter — the word alone is enough to make any makeup lover nervous. While the product can look stunning on your hair, skin, and nails, it can be near impossible to remove. Or, so you thought. In actuality, removing glitter doesn't have to be such a struggle. You can even do it with items that you have around the house. It's that simple. So, no more pulling at your skin to remove chunks of glitter. Get the stuff off for good by using easy-to-use methods that anyone can master.

While we all love a glittery makeup look, it's important to do the prep-work before you begin. You can prevent makeup fallout by using things such eyeshadow shields, a primer, or even glitter glue. All of these amazing tools can do wonders for keeping the glitter in its place. However, if it does get everywhere, don't panic. Removing glitter doesn't have to take all day. You just need a few simple tricks, and a little bit of patience. It might take a few minutes, but isn't that worth it for a perfect glittery look? I sure think so. Wondering what to do to remove fallen glitter for good? Here are seven household items that are perfect for kicking glitter to the curb.

1. Tape

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Glittery eyes never go out of style. However, glitter is very prone to fallout. If tiny specks fall onto your cheeks, Experts at recommended using clear adhesive tape. Simple roll the tape around your fingers (sticky side out), and using a press/roll method to pick up any lingering glitter.

2. Coconut Oil

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If you went a little crazy with body glitter, don't freak out! Easily remove it with coconut oil. Just rub the oil over the glitter, and wipe away with a damp cloth. Editors at swears by the trick!

3. Aerosol Hairspray

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It's no secret that glitter gets everywhere. However, if you notice it on your sheets or clothing, tackle the problem with aerosol hairspray. Spray the area with hairspray, let it dry, and then wash separately in the laundry. Voila - no more glittery clothing.

4. Olive Oil

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Apply massive amounts of glitter to your roots has been a huge trend these last few months. However, removing all of that gunk can be a problem. Get shiny, glitter-free hair by using oil olive during your shower. The oil works to remove the buildup will keeping your strands looking stunning, according to InStyle blogger, Jennifer Merritt.

5. Easy Peel Base Coat

Before you apply your glittery nail polish, use an easy peel-off base coat like the one from UNT Ready For Takeoff Peelable Base Coat. This handy polish is made without glue, so it dries clear and keeps your nails looking amazing.

6. Mascara Wand

Out of tape? Remove glitter fallout using a clear mascara wand or eyebrow brush. The wand works to lift the glitter without disturbing the makeup underneath.

7. Aluminum Foil

Don't let stubborn nail polish get you down. Remove all traces of glitter from your nails by soaking a cotton ball in nail polish remover, place it on the nail, and secure with foil. The foil helps to keep the cotton ball moist while it works its magic.

See? Removing glitter isn't that hard after all!