The 'Narnia' Franchise May Be Returning, But Will The Original Cast Return?

Who would have thought that a movie about a bunch of kids who found a secret world inside an old wardrobe would become such a large success? Well... I guess C.S. Lewis would. The film series, which was based on the mid-'50s book series The Chronicles of Narnia by Lewis, found a loyal fanbase with fantasy-driven millennials over the course of the decades since it has been released. And now, it looks like the films were so much of a success, we're getting more: While most people thought the third film in the franchise, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader, would be the last film released, scribe David Magee was busy at work on a new adaptation for a film version of the Narnia book, The Silver Chair .

Although, according to Collider, information about the release of the film has been kept hush hush, there are rumors that it won't be a continuation of the last film, but a reboot to the whole Narnia series. Sadly, this means the new film likely won't have any of our favorite characters reprising their roles. Producer Mark Gordon says: "It’s all going to be a brand new franchise. All original. All original characters, different directors, and an entire new team that this is coming from."

Despite the fact they won't be in the next Narnia film, though, it doesn't mean the cast isn't still around. Unlike many other movies whose casts have gone on to do different things behind the camera and outside of Hollywood, a lot of the original Narnia cast is still very active in the Hollywood scene. The mystery for this cast is not so much where are they now, but where can you see them next.

Georgie Henley

The actress, now 20 years old, played Lucy Pevensie, the youngest sister who discovered the wardrobe and really set the story into motion. Since her role in the last film in 2008, she took a hiatus to attend college at the University of Cambridge in England. She has since returned to acting, and even starred with Abigail Breslin in the 2014 film Perfect Sisters.

William Moseley


William Moseley, now 28 years old, has been steady working since his time with the Narnia franchise ended, and recently landed himself a series regular role on E!'s The Royals. Moseley is currently playing the Crown Prince Liam of England on the show, and is also set to star in the new film adaptation of the book Carrie Pilby.

Skandar Keynes

MJ Kim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Keynes, now 24 years old, played Edmund, and may be the only actor from the series who is not currently working as an actor. According to the actor's official website, he graduated with a degree in Middle East Studies from Pembroke College, Cambridge, and no longer plans to pursue acting. At least we'll always have Narnia.

Anna Popplewell

MAX NASH/AFP/Getty Images

Popplewell, now 27 years old, had a few credits between Narnia and now before she finally landed a series regular role on a hit TV show. She currently stars as Lady Lola in the CW series Reign, where her character is a lady-in-waiting, and close friend to the Queen Mary.

Will Poulter


Will Poulter, now 22 years old, may have one of the most successful careers from the series. While he was only featured in the last film as the annoying tag-along, he has since amassed a resume that a lot of young actors only dream of. In the last decade, he has starred with some of Hollywood's top talent in some major blockbusters, including We're The Millers and The Maze Runner— and he can currently be seen alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant.

Ben Barnes

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ben Barnes, now 34 years old, has also been very successful in her career in the last decade as well. He starred alongside Katherine Heigl in Jackie & Ryan, and he currently he can be seen in the HBO series Westworld playing Logan.

I'd say the cast of Narnia has done pretty well for themselves in the last decade — especially considering most of them were children when the films premiered. Even if we won't be seeing them return to Narnia anytime soon, you can rest assured that for the rest of their careers, we'll always remember Narnia!