7 Stylish Ways To Rock A Beanie With Natural Curls

Hats and scarves are the ultimate protection my natural curls need, but sometimes those fashionable hats and big head scarves just aren’t warm enough in the winter. If only there was a way to wear a beanie without ripping my curls out, is a dismayed thought I've had plenty of times. Up until very recently, I didn't realize there were ways to utilize the warmth and protection of a beanie without ripping my hair out.

After years of assuming my hair would just never fit underneath a trendy, warm beanie, I started to experiment with different styles. Sure, there are other warm hat choices than the standard beanie, but since the thick material can keep you pretty warm and your hair even more protected than a thin satin scarf, I was determined to make it work. With a lot of trial and error, I finally managed to work out six different styles that let my natural curls enjoy their days underneath a beanie.

Before you get started, it's important you protect your strands from the knit beanie material by sewing a satin bonnet into the lining. That way you don't risk your curls snagging on the wool, plus it can prevent frizziness and may help maintain your curl pattern. You can buy bonnets like this at most beauty supply and drug stores — plus Amazon, of course.

Satin Bonnet, $6, Amazon

1. Front Braid

I love this style for when my hair super stretched and most likely, a little dirty. Braid the front of your hair loosely to the side and then pull your beanie over your head revealing only the braid.

2. Total Coverage

This one's perfect for going out in snowy weather, since you tuck all your curls into the hat. I a nice hefty oil in my hair and pin the ends underneath before putting my beanie on. The beanie definitely makes my hair smaller, but it’s not frizzy when I take the beanie off and I can easily remove the pins when I get to my destination. Fluff your hair up in the bathroom and say goodbye to “hat hair”.

3. Front Curls

Leave a little hair in the front and cover your hair with the rest of the beanie to create a messy tuff. For this style, I like to put my hair in a coif with bobby pins, just in case I get super hot in my travels and want to ditch the beanie.

4. Twist Out

Wearing a beanie when my hair is in twists is super easy, and it means my hair is protected enough where I can leave some twists down in the front or all out. It’s my throwback to the mid-'90s style and gives me the wiggle room to get out of that hat if I need to.

5. Two Braids

If your hair is long enough for braiding, you can put your hair in a braid or pigtails and wear your beanie with your ends and strands protected from tangle. Be sure to make sure those braids have a sealant to keep the moisture in since they won’t be covered.

6. A Scarf Under Your Beanie

Yes those brutal sub-zero temperatures are extra brutal on curls and the kinkier your hair? The more protection you may need. Wear a silk scarf underneath your beanie to retain as much moisture as possible and knot the scarf at the nape of your neck for a chic, super protected look.

7. Hair Out With A Beanie Pulled Down

If your tresses can take it, put your beanie on when you’ve styled your hair to be out for the day. Those with looser curls won’t have to worry too much about the beanie messing with their curls and kinkier curls can be molded back in shape when the hat comes off. It’s also an adorable style.

Image: Kristin Collins Jackson (7) Jathina Campos (1)