31 Things You Notice Rewatching 'Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope' For The Millionth Time

You can be honest with me: you’ve probably seen Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens in theaters so many times that you’re on a first-name basis with the theater ushers. And, chances are you’ve noticed that The Force Awakens has a lot in common with Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope, the OG Star Wars film. Well, after hearing these accusations multiple times I decided to revisit the first Star Wars installment. And while, yes, kids, Force Awakens is very reminiscent of the film, there are plenty of other things you’ll notice when you rewatch A New Hope.

And kids, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been immersed in the Star Wars universe since I was six and honestly, the amount of action figures chilling in my parents house is both impressive and/or embarrassing. But I guess it’s been a while since I saw the film, and though everyone from Spaceballs to Family Guy to Robot Chicken has pointed out the more bizarre moments of the saga, I did want to see what else I could notice from rewatching the film.

Turns out, there’s a lot.

So without any more delay, here are all the strange things you wonder and notice when you watch Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope for the millionth time.

1. What's With The Pasty C-3PO In The Background?

Does he work on the ship? Is he a companion of the droids that they unceremoniously leave behind? What's going on there?

2. I Feel Like these Comically Oversized Helmets Can't Be Very Practical

For like, shooting purposes, and seeing purposes, and like... life purposes.

3. Who's In Charge Of Cleaning Up This Mess?

Ugh, God, they're never going to get the blood stains out of this rug.

4. Leia's Entire Look Is Bizarrely Meticulous

Cinnamon bun hair aside, it looks like she got a Sephora makeover before getting captured. I mean, that lip gloss! The rosy complexion!

5. "Look, Sir, Droids!"

Uhhhh, this is a world of mostly mechanical things, what about that nondescript metal ring reads "droid"?

6. "You, I Suppose You're Programmed For Etiquette And Protocol."

C-3PO would be a droid who teaches you what fork to use first as a five-star restaurant.

7. Pictured: Luke, A Grown Man Who Wants To Be Taking Seriously, Playing With A Model Spaceship


8. Uhhhhh, Aunt Beru Is Wearing A Jean Jacket

Did not know that that they had denim in other galaxies, nor did I know that Tatooine had recently opened an H&M. Good for them, H&M is great.

9. I'm Pretty Sure Luke And His Aunt And Uncle Live In A Hobbit Hole

Therefore, Luke Skywalker is a hobbit.

10. How Does Luke Not Notice This Guy?

He sounds like a dying elephant.

11. This Is The Weapon Of A Jedi Knight. Not As Clumsy Or Random As A Blaster. An Elegant Weapon For A More Civilized Age."

OK, but what exactly makes it elegant? Are they manufacturing lightsabers at Tiffany's now?

12. Everyone In This Scene Has Sideburns

A gentle reminder that this movie was made in the late '70s.

13. Considering Uncle Owen And Aunt Beru Had A Very Gruesome Death And Raised Luke, He Seems Decidedly Not Bummed About The Whole Situation

Like, that is not the face of devastation.

14. "Hey! We Don't Serve Their Kind Here!"

A beautiful scene that illustrates the harsh realities of droid discrimination. Although, truth be told, I don't know many robots that consume alcohol.

15. Everyone's Pretty Chill About All The Murder And Arm-Chopping Going On

Don't mind me, go back to smoking your space hookah.

16. Did Greedo Match His Turtleneck To His Skin?

That's adorable.

17. Uh, Who The Hell Is That In The Post Han-And-Greedo Shooting Scenes?

I know that the Jabba part is a digitally remastered deleted scene, but why do the have that Greedo-looking dude in the background when Greedo was just killed in the cantina? Unless Greedo has a twin?! What's happening?!

18. "Governor Tarkin. I Should Have Expected To Find You Holding Vader's Leash. I Recognized Your Foul Stench When I Was Brought On Board."


19. Does Anyone Get A Practical Helmet In This Movie?


20. Uh, Color Me Confused, But That Lightsaber Does Not Look Blue At All

Did I miss something?

21. C-3PO, You Really Need To Be Polished, Stat

If your friends won't tell you, who will?

22. "The Garbage Chute Was A Really Wonderful Idea. What An Incredible Smell You've Discovered!"

It's now abundantly clear that Leia has a top notch sense of smell, I wonder if that's a perk of being force sensitive.

23. Leia Basically Never Runs Like A Normal Person

Maybe it's at fault of the dress, but it's always with her arms flailing about wildly.

24. OK, But Like, It Makes No Sense That Obi-Wan Gets Dissolved Into A Pile Of Clothes When He Dies.

I'm sure there's some force-related explanation for this, but I just wish that we as a nation could admit how weird it is.

25. Also, Isn't It A Little Unjustified That Luke Would Be So Upset Over Losing Someone He Barely Knew?

Like, he's going HAM on these stormtroopers but shed nary a tear for his aunt and uncle who raised him.

26. "I Can't Believe He's Gone."


27. OK, But Leia Is Legit Wearing Pink Eyeshadow In This Scene.

When did she have time to apply that?!

28. "Your Friend Is Quite A Mercenary. I Wonder If He Really Cares About Anything... Or Anybody." "... I care."

Oh, Luke, honey. This scene should've been a big enough hint that you were not going to win out in this love triangle. You're the Duckie. You're the Brian Krakow.

You're also blood-related to her.

29. "An Analysis Of The Plans Provided By Princess LE-AH..."

Ugh, I wonder if that must drive her crazy. That would drive me crazy.

30. Just A Beautiful Line-Up Of Ill-Fitting Helmets

Seriously, guys?

31. So Why Did They Invite Chewie To Stand At The Ceremony If They Weren't Giving Him A Medal?

That just seems like a really mean trick.

Sorry, bae. =(

I guess even seemingly flawless films have their weird moments, but it's never not worth it to check in on a galaxy far, far away.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures; Lucasfilm (40)