The Oscars Snub Amy Schumer For 'Trainwreck,' Even Though She Deserved Multiple Nominations

With every awards season comes a few disappointments, and this year was no exception. Unfortunately, after Thursday morning's announcement, Amy Schumer was snubbed for Trainwreck by the Oscars in both the Best Actress and Best Original Screenplay categories. How is she going to EGOT now? Ugh. The saddest thing, if you were watching the nomination live stream on Thursday, is that Trainwreck was included in the clip show before the announcement. Somebody had hope that it and Schumer would get some Academy love! Schumer was nominated for a Golden Globe for her leading performance, but that doesn't necessarily guarantee an Oscar nomination, especially in the comedy categories. It's a shame. Quality comedic performances should be held up just as high as dramatic performances. It's a weird stigma that I'm sick of when it comes to awards seasons. You shouldn't have to drag yourself through the mud (often quite literally) to get an invitation to the Academy Awards.

Plus, it is rare that the nominees for Best Actress are from films whose screenplays were written by women. This year, both Carol and Room broke that tradition, and their adapted screenplays were both nominated, though it is upsetting that Carol was shut out of Best Picture. Still, as a female writer myself, I gotta take every victory I can and that is pretty cool. Trainwreck was written by Schumer herself, so this would have contributed to an already strong year for female screenwriters in the "original" category. Plus, what a story that would have been — to write yourself an Oscar-nominated role. That would have been incredibly inspiring for burgeoning actors and creators everywhere.

Of course, the biggest disappointment at all is that this means Schumer most likely won't be attending the Academy Awards this year, so Jennifer Lawrence is going to have to find a new partner in crime for Feb. 28.