This App Will Change The Way You Order Food

Have you ever found yourself sitting on your couch, daydreaming of a utopian future where a homemade feast can magically arrive hot, fresh, and with zero dirty dishes, in your kitchen whenever you want it? Yeah, me too. Well, folks, that future is finally here thanks to the launch of Homemade, a new food app available in the App Store that connects you, the hungry masses, with the best and brightest culinary minds in your neighborhood at the click of a button.

All you, the hungry person, have to do is download the app, check out the offerings in your area for the next few days, and request what you'd like to purchase. You check out just the way you would on Seamless, but your card isn't charged until your request is accepted, sort of like Uber or Lyft. Then, you meet up with your chef at an agreed upon location (some even deliver!) to collect your feast.

Homemade cofounder Nick Devane described his brainchild as “Etsy for cooking,” and explained that it will create a platform for the birth of foodie communities built around the recipes that local chefs are passionate about cooking. Score one for the Big Apple, as most of the chefs currently cooking up feasts for Homemade are located in New York City, but according to Devane, the app will be expanding its services to Southern California and cities around the United States within the next two weeks. Applications to become a Homemade chef are currently available on its website.

Chefs will be able to take advantage of expert coaching and consulting on everything from pricing to marketing and food photography as a part of their vetted talent pool. That means customers will get the great taste of a restaurant meal with the individual care and pride of the home-cooked meals that you get when visiting home for the holidays, and the unique flair that each Homemade chef brings to his or her cooking.

Just check out this episode of its YouTube series Homereels.

So, if you're hungry for some handmade chow made by people for whom the food is in their soul, check out Homemade, and discover a new side of your neighborhood.