Ed Sheeran's Cat Has More Followers Than...

So, in adorable news, Ed Sheeran created a Twitter account for his new kitten. Pretty cute, huh? If “a Twitter account for a pet” isn’t your thing, don’t worry, the story gets cuter: Graham is a month old. HE'S TINY. And Sheeran adopted him before he was put down. AHHHHHHHH SHEERAN SAVED A TINY KITTEN'S LIFE. How’s your heart? Melted into a puddle of glitter and happiness? Yep. I’m right there with you.

The Twitter account has been up for only a few hours, and @GrahamShizza already has over 30,000 followers. He is a month-old rescue kitten, so I understand. Graham posts precious selfies. And precious status updates like “Watching Spartacus, it's all abit [sic] too violent for a young one like me,” and really, what more could you ask for from an adorable kitten’s Twitter account? That sort of thing is catnip to the Twitterverse.

If a cat gaining over 30,000 followers in a few hours doesn’t impress you, well sit on down. Because we’re about to get us some perspective.

Graham, the month-old kitten, has more Twitter followers than some human celebrities (and former celebrities). No, this isn't a dig at the expense of these folk. No disrespect here! Just admiring the Twitter power of an adorable musician/adorable kitten combo.

Graham the kitten has more followers than...*

Regis Philbin: 19,428 followers

Zachery Ty Bryan: 2,260 followers

Picabo Street: 1,681 followers

Tom Schwartz: 24,151 followers

Scott Wolf: 15,137 followers

Ian Ziering: 23,111 followers

Meredith Kitty (Taylor Swift's "cat"): 9,168 followers

*Follower counts subject to change. Because Twitter is wild like that.

Image: @GrahamShizza/Twitter