Watch 100 Years Of Workout Style In Three Minutes

Before SoulCycle, women worked out in ways that vary from absolute ridiculousness to downright hilarious. Some are reasonable (i.e., jumping rope) while others look like strange and unusual forms of punishment. Here's 100 years of workout style in three minutes, as modeled by YouTube fitness star Cassey Ho.

Yes, the ThighMaster was a little crazy looking back on it now, but that's nothing compared to the fitness contraptions of the 1950s. In a three minute video, the Blogilates founder gives us a glimpse at some throwback athleisurewear, many of which look nothing like your Lululemon gear of today. You'll laugh, grimace, and be totally confused and amused.

Ho starts all the way back in 1910, proving that women have been chasing fitness for quite some time. Luckily, it looks like our methods have evolved so that everyone can find a workout regimen that makes sense for their body and their life. And, thank goodness, we get to do it sans ankle-length skirts or high-rise leotards. We've also wised up and started sporting appropriate footwear, not keeping our kitten heels on during workouts like our grandmothers probably did. Oy.

This video definitely gave me some perspective: Women have so much more freedom now to work out however we please, in whatever way we please. Although I'm not going to lie — that '80s ensemble is killer. Here are some of the looks featured in the video:

1920s: Weapons As Workout Gear

They used to twirl these clubs around as a workout, but it was likely a handy weapon to have in the event things go down at a speakeasy.

1940s: The OG Elliptical

Our grandmothers and great grandmothers worked out and kept their classic red lipstick on and intact. Gym goals.

1950s: Resistance Training

This springy thing looks downright dangerous. I would definitely pinch a finger off.

1990s: A Decade of Bad Footwear

The 90s' shoes-with-thick-socks game is so, so strong.

2010s: Or As I Like to Say, TwentyZens

We went from high energy jumping around to finding our zen on yoga mats. I wonder what's next!

Watch the video in its entirety to pick which decade's style you love the most:

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Image: Mode/YouTube