The Most Epic Nacho Recipes For Super Bowl

by Marion Bernstein

No Super Bowl spread would be complete without a truly epic plate of nachos, the ultimate game day crowd pleaser. When it comes to classic Super Bowl nacho recipes, everyone knows the drill. Start with a layer of lightly salted tortilla chips, blanket it with handfuls of your favorite meltable cheese, spoon on some spicy ground beef, then follow it up with a sprinkling of black beans. Repeat steps one through four about three more times, broil, then top with loads of pico de gallo, lime-zested guacamole, pickled jalapeños, cooling crema, and voilà, classic nachos supreme.

But what if I told you there were fearless renegades out there intentionally deviating from the nacho norm? It's true. Some folks are swapping out tortilla chips for sweet potatoes, plantains, and crispy wonton wrappers. Others are forfeiting the chip altogether, opting for mounds of loaded bacon cheeseburger-topped "totchos" instead. And yes, totchos are exactly what you think they are — golden brown tater tots smothered in creamy cheese sauce, crumbled ground beef, and crispy bacon bits.

That's the beauty of nachos. It's a dish so versatile it can easily please any palate. Feeling Southeast Asia inspired? Whip up some chicken pad thai nachos. Prefer Mediterranean flavors? Bookmark Back to Her Roots' gyro nachos topped with ground lamb, tzatziki, and an olive-feta-parsley medley. The bottom line is, whatever flavor you're craving this Super Bowl Sunday, at least one of these 23 nacho recipes is sure to produce a game day winner.

1. Loaded BBQ Chicken Nugget Nachos

This BBQ chicken nugget nacho recipe from Averie Cooks is quite possibly the most brilliant comfort food combo. For optimal marination, be sure to toss your diced nuggets in your favorite BBQ sauce before piling on the cheese and veggies.

2. Chorizo Nachos With White Queso Sauce

The Kitchn believes that the best nachos don't have to be costly or complicated — and I couldn't agree more. That's why savory crumbles of chorizo and smooth queso blanco make for great (and cheap) game day nacho toppings. Add scallions to taste.

3. Loaded Bacon Cheeseburger Totchos

It doesn't matter who's playing — these loaded bacon cheeseburger "totchos" will win the Super Bowl. See how Cooking for Keeps layers her tots, beef, bacon, and cheese here.

4. Mexican Lamb Barbacoa Nachos

Sub crispy pan-fried sweet potato slices for tortilla chips, then top with pulled lamb, creamy guac, diced tomatoes, and freshly squeezed lime juice, and bask in the glory that is healthified nachos. Follow the recipe at The Healthy Foodie.

5. Ahi Wonton Nachos With Wasabi Mayo

Give your game day nachos a sushi flair by topping fried wonton "chips" with seared ahi tuna, shredded cabbage, mango salsa, avocado, and homemade wasabi mayo. Follow A Spicy Perspective's step-by-step recipe.

6. Extra Cheesy Steak Nachos

This extra cheesy nachos recipe from Simply Delicious calls for three kinds of cheese: feta, cheddar, and mozzarella. And hey, why stop there? Throw in some gruyère for safe measure.

7. Beer Braised Steak Nachos With Pickled Onions And Pico De Gallo

They had me at "pickled red onion." Get both steak braising and nacho building recipes at A Better Happier St. Sebastian.

8. Chicken Pad Thai Nachos

Looking for new ways to satisfy your daily Sriracha craving? Try building your own chicken pad thai nachos a la Closet Cooking.

9. Breakfast Nachos

Who said you had to wait until kick-off to plant your face in a cheesy pile of loaded nachos? Start game day off right with these sunny side egg-topped breakfast nachos, courtesy of A Cozy Kitchen.

10. Macho Nachoz

Take a page from A Farm Girl Dabbles' book and bake your nachos in a cast iron skillet. It'll keep your nachos warm right down to the very last chip. Brilliant.

11. Cheesy Baked Salsa Dip And Chips

The first rule of nacho making is that there are no rules to nacho making. If you want your cheese on the side, then have your cheese on the side. Then add some diced jalapeños, salsa, and fresh cilantro a la A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.

12. Nacho Hot Dogs

No plates? No problem. A hot dog is the obvious choice when deciding on the perfect alternative nacho vessel. A Spicy Perspective tops her dogs with tortilla crumbles, shredded cheese, salsa, guac, Mexican crema, and fresh cilantro.

13. Plantain Chip Nachos

Swap out tortilla chips for plantains for a grain-free spin on traditional nachos. Against All Grain tops her plantains with chicken, goat's milk gouda, tomatillo salsa, avocado, and sliced black olives.

14. Loaded Nachos With Butternut Squash Queso

Take a walk on the lighter side a la Thug Kitchen Party Grub, and top your tortillas with a healthy butternut squash queso. Just add a blended butternut squash-onion mixture to roux. Then add fresh diced tomatoes, garlic, jalapeños, lime juice, and salt. Stir three to five minutes until you've reached creamy golden goodness. Consult Thug Kitchen Party Grub for the full step-by-step recipe.

15. Mediterranean Nachos

Ari's Menu puts a Mediterranean spin on her nachos by topping blue corn tortilla chips with hummus, black beans, grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, chopped red onion, crumbled feta, black olives, tzatziki, cilantro, and a drizzle of Sriracha to finish.

16. Korean Bulgogi Kimchi Nachos

Closet Cooking's Korean-themed nachos combine the sweet and salty flavors of beef Bulgogi with the spicy crunch of kimchi.

17. Gyro Nachos

Think deconstructed gyro. Follow Back to Her Roots' lead, and top your toasted pita triangles with Greek spiced ground lamb, tzatziki, and a medley of chopped cucumbers, tomato, onion, feta, olives, and parsley.

18. Shrimp Nacho Bites

Brown Eyed Baker's bite-size shrimp nachos are the ultimate Super Bowl party finger food. Just start with scoop-shaped tortillas chips, then layer on the black beans, corn, shrimp, and cheese. Once hot and bubbly, top with avocado, salsa, sour cream, and cilantro.

19. Chorizo And Balsamic Brussels Nachos

Nachos are a great way to sneak additional veggies into your Super Bowl smorgasbord. Take a tip from Climbing Grier Mountain and smother your corn chips with shredded Brussels sprouts sautéed with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, shallots, and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Chorizo and cheese to come.

20. Irish Nachos With Guinness And Irish Cheddar Sauce

What's better than drinking a pint of Guinness on Super Bowl Sunday? Pairing that pint with baked potato chip nachos smothered in a rich and creamy Guinness and Irish cheddar sauce. Get the full recipe from Closet Cooking.

21. BBQ Chicken And Grilled Pineapple Nachos

Diced pineapples and chopped jalapeños add a sweet and spicy kick to these cheesy grilled chicken nachos. Check out the full recipe at The Brewer & the Baker.

22. Italian-Style Nachos With Provolone Cheese Sauce, Turkey Sausage, And Roasted Red Peppers

When it comes to nachos, Cooking for Keeps has two rules: there must be layers of toppings between chip layers, and each chip must be covered in cheese. Can't argue with that. Make sure every nook and cranny is covered with provolone cheese sauce, crumbled Italian sausage, sautéed onions, sweet roasted red peppers, and spicy peppadews.

23. Dessert Nachos With Strawberry, Mango, And Avocado Salsa

Why not make nachos for dessert? First, sweeten your tortillas with a lathering of butter and a dusting of cinnamon sugar. Then top with colorful layers of fresh mango, strawberry, and avocado salsa. Sprinkle with a mild cheese, broil, and boom, nachos for dessert. Get the full recipe from Foodie Crush.

For more food ideas and inspiration, check out Bustle on YouTube.

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