The 'AHS: Hotel' Finale May Hold Season 6 Clues

For all of the murdering and gruesome killings that took place within the confines of the Hotel Cortez, it's somewhat baffling that the American Horror Story: Hotel finale resulted in a very minimal amount of bloodshed. In fact, this may have been the calmest — and dare I say, happiest? — episode of the entire season. Ah well, it just goes to show that you really can't predict what's going on inside the creative genius of Ryan Murphy's head. Speaking of which... now that Season 5 is over, I'm more eager than ever to find out what American Horror Story Season 6 will be about. And I think the finale may have helped to offer up a vital clue. What if AHS Season 6 will be centered around the fashion industry?

I mean, think about it. We haven't seen or heard from Will Drake for weeks and then suddenly he appears again out of the blue and helps Liz maintain his fashion line. Why? What purpose did it serve other than to remind us how stunning and motivational Liz Taylor truly is? Granted, it may not make sense to try and find logic within a show that's built around chaos, but it just felt as though Murphy may have been trying to send us a message regarding next year's plans.

I'm well aware that Murphy's clues have been way more subtle in the past. (Remember how way off base we all were with that top hat teaser last year?) But who wouldn't want to see Fashion Week have its day on this anthology series? Just picturing Jessica Lange in a Miranda Priestly-type role is enough to give me chills. And if Lady Gaga, Angela Bassett, and Emma Roberts all return, we could be in store for one hell of a runway show — and I do mean that quite literally.

Could I be wrong about this? Of course. But just imagine how amazing it could be if I'm not. Until next year...

Image: Prashant Gupta/FX