The One Snape Scene To Watch & Re-Watch To Honor Alan Rickman's Time On 'Harry Potter'

Everyone in Potterdom raised their wands in mourning Thursday when news broke that Alan Rickman, who played Severus Snape in the Harry Potter film franchise, died after a battle with cancer at the age of 69. While Rickman's career was as long and storied as Dumbledore's beard, it's his role as the redeemed dark wizard that many remember him by. The one Snape scene you have to watch to honor Rickman's life is none other than his final moments on screen.

For seven books (and eight films), Snape was the oppressive professor who always seemed to have it out for Harry. Snape made it no secret how much he and Harry's father, James, were at odds as students, and whenever dark magic was afoot at Hogwarts, Snape was always Harry's first suspect. And it was Snape who uttered the unforgivable curse that killed beloved Dumbledore.

But as Snape lies dying after being tossed aside by Voldemort, one tear carrying all of his memories falls, and he begs Harry to take it. That tear reveals the stunning truth: Snape loved, loved Harry's mother, Lily, and after her death, he vowed to avenge her death and work as a double agent to bring down the Dark Lord.

The one Snape scene you have to watch is actually a collection of memories, moments that happened over his entire life, from when he first meets Lily to when he sees her eyes again in Harry's own. In this single tear, you see Snape really was one of the best and you appreciate the brilliance of Rickman's deadpan portrayal because there really was more to this tortured man than what met the eye.

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