How To Watch The 2016 Oscar Shorts, From 'Bear Story' To 'Stutterer' — VIDEOS

It's a big day for the movie industry: The 2016 Oscar nominations were announced on Thursday morning, and the world is buzzing. Though the focus of the next few weeks will largely be on the nominees in the "big" Oscar races (Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Actor, etc.), there will also be significant hype surrounding this year's crop of Oscar-nominated shorts — both animated and live action. The 2016 Oscar nominees for Best Short Film (Animated) are Bear Story, Prologue, Sanjay's Super Team, We Can't Live Without Cosmos, and World of Tomorrow. The 2016 Oscar nominees for Best Short Film (Live Action) are Ave Maria, Day One, Everything Will Be Okay (Alles Wird Gut), Shok, and Stutterer. While it's relatively easy to find the Best Picture nominees at your local movie theater, the Oscar short nominees can be a little more difficult to track down. So, it's no surprise that many award show buffs are now trying to figure out how to watch the 2016 Oscar shorts.

According to ShortsHD, the movie channel which has handled the theatrical release of the Oscars shorts in recent years, the 2016 Oscars shorts won't be available anywhere but in theaters until a few days before the 2016 Oscar ceremony on Sun., Feb. 28. Update: Several of them — Ave Maria, Shok, Alles Wird Gut, Stutterer, Day One, Bear Story, Prologue, World of Tomorrow — are available as a package able to be purchased on Amazon. Then, the films may become available on iTunes or streaming services like Amazon Video. So, in other words... stay tuned! Below you'll find trailers for each of this year's 10 Oscar-nominated shorts.

Best Short Film (Animated)

Bear Story

Tenerife Shorts on YouTube

Bear Story tells the tale of circus bear who one day hopes to leave his life "under the big top" and return to his family. Information on how to watch Bear Story is forthcoming.


AnimatorsSurvivalKit on YouTube

Taking place 2,400 years in the past, Prologue depicts a brutal battle between two teams of Spartan and Athenian warriors.

Sanjay's Super Team

Disney•Pixar on YouTube

Sanjay's Super Team explores the relationship between Sanjay, a young first-generation Indian-American who's enamored with cartoons and superheroes, and his father.

We Can't Live Without Cosmos

MIFF on YouTube

We Can't Live Without Cosmos chronicles the lives of two astronauts as they prepare for a mission into space.

World Of Tomorrow

don hertzfeldt on YouTube

World of Tomorrow imagines a future in which humans have mastered the art of cloning.

Best Short Film (Live Action)

Ave Maria

baztk on YouTube

Ave Maria follows a group of nuns in the West Bank as they attempt to help a family whose car has broken down outside their convent.

Day One

FirstGlance Film Festivals on YouTube

Day One tells the story of an Afghan-American woman who joins the military as an interpreter and is sent to Afghanistan.

Everything Will Be Okay (Alles Wird Gut) on YouTube

Everything Will Be Okay (Alles Wird Gut) shows what can happen when a child is caught between two feuding parents.


Shok follows the lives of two young boys in war-torn Kosovo in 1998, and is now available on iTunes.


Danielle Owens on YouTube

In Stutterer, a man with a speech impediment is faced with the daunting task of meeting someone whom he's only interacted with online in person.

Editor's Note: This story original read "streaming services like Amazon Instant Video," and has been updated to reflect the service's true name "Amazon Video."

Image: DisneyPixar/YouTube