Hairstyles That Look Great Morning 'Til Night

We've all been there: You wash and blow dry your hair, style it perfectly, and walk out the door feeling amazing... until you catch yourself in a mirror 45 minutes later and discover it's totally ruined. Making your hairstyle last all day is the eternal dream for most of us (OK, maybe only some of us), but it doesn't make it any less real.

Personally, feeling good about my hair truly has an effect on my overall confidence and cheerfulness throughout the day. There's just something about looking in a mirror and loving the way it looks that puts an extra little skip in my step. I know it's totally silly, but it's also totally true. And the flip side of this is that when I'm not feeling my hair, or worse — when it started out great and now looks less than awesome — I feel a little drabber. And it's not just me; in a Huffington Post piece, psychologist Vivian Diller said this is totally normal given our psychologies as humans — a good hair day really can make a difference.

The trick then becomes choosing hairstyles that will actually last, as well as knowing a few basic tips to ensure they stay put. If you're tired of disappointingly short-lived hairstyles, or just have an all day event coming up where you want to feel confident the whole time, here are seven hairstyles with an awesomely long shelf life.

1. The Messy Bun

This particulat bun is a genius invention, because it's actually supposed to look messy. Plus, if it starts coming undone you can always redo it in the middle of the day with minimal time and skill. This tutorial from YouTube star Zoella offers a great how-to guide.

2. Messy Ponytail

A good ponytail is often overlooked as a stylish option for your hair, but the reality is it can look truly awesome for important events or nights out. Beauty editor Gabrielle Korn over at Refinery 29 even said that, "This simple 'do is one of the best launching pads for insanely creative looks that are surprisingly easy to achieve."

And much like the messy bun above, this messy ponytail from YouTube beauty vlogger Emma Cervin is designed to look messy and haphazard, making it the perfect option for a look that needs to last.

3. The At-Home Blow Out

In a piece for Real Simple, NYC hair stylist Naeemah Carre said that an at-home blowout is possible and can be maintained for up to five days. Carre said the key to maintaining it is just making sure your hair is 100 percent and completely dry once completed, and then wearing a shower cap in the shower in the days that follow to protect it from humidity. She also recommended a quality dry shampoo for freshness between washes.

4. Wavy And Loose

Yep, we can again capitalize on the fact that this particular style is supposed to look carefree. Style coach Shelley shows us how to perfect this look — that she specifically designed to last all day — in the above how-to video.

5. Sleek And Straight

Australian YouTuber and beauty vlogger Jade Madden provides this super simple and doable look for sleek and straight hair that actually stays straight. Her secret tip is to shoot each section of hair with your blowdryer's "cool" setting as soon as it's totally straight.

6. The Headband Braid

I can tell you from personal experience that braids work wonders for those days when you absolutely have no idea what to do with your hair but need to look "together." Amber Fillerup Clark, founder of the beauty and lifestyle site Barefoot Blonde, offers this super simple tutorial for how to make "front row" braids that last all day and work great on day-old hair.

7. The French Braid

OK, this particular look from hair style expert Foxy Lox last all day, but isn't necessarily for the braiding novice. Also, while she uses hair extensions, she also notes that this look can absolutely be achieved without them — so absolutely don't worry if you don't have!

A deflated hair style is almost as sad as how deflated it makes you feel — especially when you started out the day loving it. So the next time you need a look that you can be confident will make you feel great all day, try out some of the above tips and styles. And remember to have fun, because at the end of the day, it's just hair!

Images: Faylyne/Flickr; YouTube (7)