Strangers Who Need To Brush Up On Their Politics

In the latest installment of Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness News", he hits the mean streets of Hollywood to take sweet advantage of the non-camera shy for the sake of a fantastical recap of the 2016 State of the Union. As per all Jimmy Kimmel street surveys, his production team hits up a bunch of unknowing strangers with questions relating to fabricated circumstances. Questions typically range from the absurd like "do you think Sarah Palin is doing a good job colonizing Mars?" to the more subtle "Did you hear about Joe Biden's peanut allergy scare?" and the participants nod agreeably, "yes, yes, a great job," or "oh yes, yes, that was scary,".

It's really the deep-seeded insecurity people have relating to politics that make these videos so funny. We're all too scared to admit we don't follow them, don't understand them or don't care about them, so we're willing to accept than anyone and everyone knows more about them than we do, even if the information seems peculiar. While millions of people did tune in to watch Obama's last State of the Union, many did not. Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel's production team, we get to have a good laugh at the expense of a few of the people who didn't tune in, and were too scared to admit it.

Without fail, the chatty pedestrians of Hollywood Boulevard become the punchline for Kimmel's ongoing bit. Here are a few of my favorite highlights:

Did You Watch The State Of The Union?

Nothing like a little repetition and eye bulging to show your true hand. It's not a test, buddy! You're allowed to say you didn't see it. Hell, even make up an excuse for why you couldn't! Dog ate your cable, the power went out, you were stuck late at work, anything!

Did You Like It When He Sat On The Podium Cross-Legged?

Yeah, that part was great. Obama just kicked off his loafers, hiked up his trousers and popped a squat right there on the top of his podium, man he's so down to Earth, and with such good balance!

Were You Moved By Obama's Harmonica Solo?

So inappropriate! I mean, the State of the Union is no time for showing off musical chops. Albeit, they were impressive chops, man that Obama can really rip!

Is Honesty An Important Virtue For You?

Stone cold! He looks right into the camera while talking about his imaginary virtues. The man doesn't even flinch or blink. He manages to lie with ease and come across as warm and charming at the same time.

Watch the full terrifying, yet hilarious video here:

Images: YouTube