Rachel McAdams’ 2016 Oscar Dress Will Likely Be One Of These Safe Bets — PHOTOS

This actress has a very classic and feminine way of dressing, and that applies to her red carpet style, too. What will Rachel McAdams wear to the Oscars? Well, if her previous looks are any indication of what she’ll choose to wear in 2016, then I’d say she’s going to show up in something that’s got a very elegant, yet whimsical feel.

From ball gown dresses with floral prints to sheer (and more sexy dresses) with floral embroidery, McAdams always seems to look like an ethereal princess on the red carpet. While she has had a penchant for going sheer lately, her ensembles are never overly sexy. They’re more ladylike and always extremely classy because that’s just her way. And I personally, love her for that. If you’ve got a style that works, might as well stick with it, you know?

Whether she’s wearing Valentino, Elie Saab or Lanvin, there’s a similar theme between her gowns, and I’m guessing she won’t sway from this for the Oscar red carpet, either. She’ll celebrate her nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the utmost of elegance. Because what else would she do? Check out her latest red carpet outfits along with similar garments that she could very well make an appearance at this year’s Oscars via the beautiful McAdams.

Most recently, McAdams wore a floral-printed gown to the Golden Globe Awards.

She wore a flirty, feminine jumpsuit with sheer paneling to the Independent Film Awards.

She was spotted in this whimsical number at the Spotlight premiere in Toronto.

This beautiful, fairytale dress was worn to the Oscars back in 2010.

Based on these looks, here's some predictions of what McAdams wear to attend the 2016 Oscars":

1. Classic Red

A flowing red dress has just enough whimsy, yet so much class. This Elie Saab design would suit McAdams perfectly.

2. Floral Fairy

This Elie Saab number looks as though it was made for her, doesn't it?

3. Enchanted LBD

This Valentino dress has a very mysterious, enchanted quality to it. She would rule the red carpet in something like this.

4. Regal In Dark Red

With plenty of movement in it, this dress would look wonderful going down the red carpet.

5. Powder Blue Perfection

Wouldn't something sheer yet colorful just look stunning on the actress? I surely think so.

6. Ladylike In Light Blue

McAdams could show up in a dainty, short dress in an incredible color.

7. Sweet & Sexy

This dress is a little sweet, and a little sexy. I think something like this strikes just the right note for McAdams.

No matter what she chooses, I have no doubt that she'll be absolutely gorgeous.