You Definitely Need A Mermaid Pillow

Searching for the next great impulse purchase of the decade? A video of mermaid pillows has gone viral and it seems all of the Internet is clamboring to get their hands on one. These reversible sequined pillows were discovered by Steve Noviello, an anchor and journalist specializing in consumer reports for Fox 4 in Dallas. He and a friend stumbled upon these magical beauties when live-streaming their trip to the Nebraska Furniture Mart, and you guys? They're magical.

Always on the hunt for a good bargain, the two began to do some investigative reporting into how these pillows worked. Steve Noviello showed the camera that with just a single swipe of the hand, the sequins will change color, as if by magic! He explains in the video that he termed it a mermaid pillow “because you can change it. Like a fish changes into a woman.” That's... not actually quite what a mermaid is — most would agree, a mermaid is more half-fish/half-human, and what he is describing is more along the lines of a Selkie — but I don’t want to split hairs here. Mermaids are magic. The pillow is magic. Ergo, mermaid pillows.

At the Nebraska Furniture Mart, these amazing head-muffins retailed for a steep $149. But, as Steve Noviello explains, “You have to realize it’s probably a thousand different pillows in one!” With endless different possible designs at your fingertips, you can let your creativity run wild. And not only will this pillow embellish any living room— stroking the pillow could give you the same soothing calm as drawing patterns in a personal Japanese rock garden. People have also likened them to a "grown-up Etch-A-Sketch" on Facebook. I mean, this pillow must be the s**t, because Noviello’s video has currently over 30 million views and has 68 thousand comments on Facebook.

Noviello was surprised by the public's passionate response: "I’ve been a TV journalist for almost 20 years, I have six Emmys sitting on the shelf," he said speaking to BuzzFeed, "[and] the most watched piece of video that I will probably ever produce in my career is about some pillow."

But truly, it's not just some pillow. Can "some pillow" do this?

And if you get bored of the design or color of a pillow — can you change it this easily?

I rest my case.

But with all this #pillowtalk sweeping the nation, just how can you get your hands on one? The mermaid pillows were created by designer Aviva Stanoff, who also sells them through her website. The Nebraska Furniture Mart is having a giveaway guaranteeing three very lucky winners a set of the coveted color-changing face-poofs. The regional marketing manager, Rebecca Ritterbush, said in an interview with Omaha, "The pillows aren’t new, and they’re in limited supply." She affirms that they are working hard to get more in stock in stores and online to meet the demand. Similar pillows are on sale in 16 different colors at Bling Is the New Black, and right now you can get a 17 inch pillow for just $99.

Watch the full video here and see if you think the pillow is a win or a snooze:

Images: Unsplash; Steve Noviello Aviva Stanoff/Facebook