How To Wash Glasses Without Water In A Real Pinch

Whether it’s from makeup grime, dirt, or something else entirely, glasses get dirty way too easily. Luckily, I’m breaking down exactly how to wash glasses without water so you don’t have to panic if you’re ever in a pinch. When you need clean glasses, you need clean glasses!

I don’t have to wear prescription glasses, but considering the fact the majority of my job involves staring at small print on a screen, I invested in an epic pair of reading glasses a few years ago that never stray far from my laptop. Sadly, since I’m not exactly the most organized human to have ever existed, their protective case is long gone.

I was on the subway a few weeks ago about to read a book and reached into my bag to discover my glasses were totally covered in smudgy grime from the bottom of my purse. My first thought was a note to self about how my purse needed a serious washing, and the second was, I need to clean my glasses immediately! I quickly hit up the glorious world of Google and discovered a few solid and reliable ways to clean my glasses without water.

While the American Optometric Association pointed out that soap and water really is the ideal way to clean your glasses, consider trying out these ways to clean your glasses without water if you're absolutely stuck in a bind.

1. Lens Cleaner

Lens Cleaner, $6.36, Flents

Store a little spray bottle of glasses cleaner in your bag to always be prepared! advised to spritz cleaner on and "gently wipe from one side to the other using a circular motion" for best results.

2. Individual Lens Cleaning Packets

Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes, $13.99, Zeiss

Another wonderful on-the-go option, Lens Crafters shared that individually packaged lens cleaning cloths will easily wipe away built up grime.

3. Microfiber Spectacle Brush

Microfiber Spectacle Brush, $3.99, HOPA

Another water-free cleaning option, this little gadget gets in hard-to-reach places to remove dust and dirt without causing any scratches.

4. Microfiber Cleansing Cloth

Microfiber Cleansing Cloths, $6.58, PCS

Wallstreet Journal shared, "The rough fibers that [paper towels are] comprised of might leave debris behind" and possible even cause micro scratches in your glasses. Try to keep a microfiber cleansing cloth on hand for when you have no choice but to dry-clean your glasses.

5. A Very Clean Cotton Shirt

Soft Touch T, $21, Asos

While not exactly encouraged by the AOA, sometimes a t-shirt is your only option. If you absolutely have to use the shirt option, try to only wipe your glasses with an incredibly clean and soft shirt so you don't accidentally cause any micro scratches.

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Images: Courtesy Of Brands