Kim K. Teases Her 'Editorialist' Swimsuit Shoot

Since we haven't gotten to see much of Kim Kardashian since she gave birth, the throwback pictures have been kicked into high gear, but her latest may the best yet. Kim Kardashian shared a swimsuit shot from her Editorialist photo shoot on Instagram, and in addition to being obviously super sexy, there's something else you might notice: She's barefaced. And it's beautiful.

Kardashian-West has an upcoming spread and interview in Editorialist Magazine, and she gave us all a sneak peak of one of the photos on her app on Thursday. The shot features the 35-year-old star in a plunging (emphasis on the plunge part) black one piece, with a long, cardigan knit sweater draped behind her. Kim shows off her curves as she walks along the beach, but as incredible as she looks, it's her hair and makeup that standout the most. Her hair is styled in a center part, blowing loose and natural, and she's actually pretty barefaced. OK, so she's definitely wearing makeup, but it's not her usual makeup look. We're more used to seeing Kim all done up with her contouring and dramatic eyes, so to see her more toned down is such a nice change. And she looks so sultry and gorgeous. I wonder if she's taking inspiration from Kylie's New Year's resolution to wear less makeup?

Even though going barefaced is not her regular routine, Kim has gone barefaced before. She looked flawless sans makeup on the cover of Vogue Spain.

And also went more natural on Allure.

Such a soft, romantic, and stunning cover. Plus, she goes more natural on Instagram, too, from time to time, like when she went to Disneyland.

So cute! And when she's traveling:

Who wants to have to take off their makeup on a plane? And she looks so great without it, anyway!

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Images: Allure; Vogue Spain