The 'Friends' Reunion Will Be Missing A Star

by Lia Beck

Friends fans everywhere were overjoyed when it was announced on Wednesday that the cast would be reuniting for an NBC special honoring television director James Burrows, but already there's an issue. (I knew it was too good to be true!) Matthew Perry will not be participating in the Friends reunion. What gives, Chandler?!

USA Today released a statement from Perry's spokeswoman, which explains that he will not be able to be part of the Feb. 2 special because he's in rehearsals for his London play. The statement reads,

Matthew will not be attending as he is in London in rehearsals for his play, The End of Longing. NBC executives were aware of this prior to their (Television Critics Association) announcement. Matthew may tape something for the tribute. In other words, this is not the reunion people have been hoping for.

Ouch! Really kick us while we're down, huh?

On the bright side, maybe this not being "the reunion people have been hoping for" means that the one we have been hoping for could still happen. After all, this special is going to feature casts from multiple shows that Burrows worked on, including Will & Grace and Cheers; it's not really about Friends. Maybe Perry decided that this time, he needed to put his play first, but when it comes time for the new two-hour long Friends reunion episode that will show us where the gang is all these years later, he'll drop everything. Just trying to stay positive here!