Ben Carson’s Closing Statement Goes Big Before He Goes Home

The sixth GOP debate took place on Thursday night at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center, but unlike previous debates, far fewer candidates appeared on both the undercard and the main stage. This slightly less cluttered Republican field marked an important moment for presidential hopefuls as the Iowa caucus draws even closer. For one such candidate, the event was a major proving ground in the face of what appears to be a crumbling campaign. Ben Carson's closing statements showed a man undeterred by alleged turmoil in his inner circle. The subject was shockingly never broached by moderators Neil Cavuto and Mario Bartiromo, though it undoubtedly must have weighed heavily on Carson's mind heading into the debate.

The fourth-place candidate appeared to be almost fueled by the aforementioned controversy and appeared more determined than ever by the time he was set to make his closing remarks. Carson said:

In recent travels around this country I've encountered so many Americans who are discouraged and angry as they watch our freedom, our security, and the American dream slipping away under an unresponsive government that is populated by bureaucrats and special interest groups. We're not going to solve this problem with traditional politics. The only way we're going to solve this problem is with “we the people.” And I ask you to join me in truth and honesty and integrity. We will heal, inspire, and revive America for our children.
Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Carson kicked off the new year in a rather precarious position with both his communications director and his campaign manager resigning on New Year's Eve. Mere hours before the GOP debate on Thursday, the Carson campaign's national finance chairman had also resigned. Dean Parker reportedly had been paying himself $20,000 a month for his efforts, which caused a major scandal due to the fact that similar positions are typically unpaid. Though Parker reportedly stated that he'd resigned to shift the focus away from himself, the shakeup undoubtedly affected Carson. The former neurosurgeon was nonetheless strong in his closing statements, choosing instead to touch upon what he could deliver to the country if elected president rather than what's happening in his campaign.

His closing statement speaks to the collaborative, somewhat grassroots nature of his campaign. Carson is certainly not a traditional politician and his approach to reaching voters is one that may very well empower voters who are discouraged by the current administration. Despite his own shakeups, Carson came off as a confident candidate comfortable with the debate process and still very hopeful for the future.