The Funniest GOP Debate Jokes, Memes, & GIFs Are So On Point

I can't say that making a sixth presidential candidate debate appear to be an even relatively normal level of exciting sounds easy. Fox Business Network sure tried, and it's not like the crew of candidates doesn't have its share of characters well-versed in spicing things up a bit. A sixth debate, however, is a sixth debate. And Jeb Bush really is just not very good at doling out humor on his own. So here are the funniest GOP debate jokes, memes, and GIFs from Fox Business Network's Thursday night round, since they're pretty definitively the best entertainment you'll get out of the whole event.

This isn't to say that every GOP candidate still standing on the debate stage Thursday evening is clueless when it comes to sarcastic quips or clever puns. Those Republican presidential hopefuls that did make viewers at home giggle will get their deserved shout-outs.It's just that the Internet, in all its glory, makes a sixth round of Trump, Cruz, and friends not just bearable, but downright hilarious. Sort of like how Carly Fiorina saying people would pay to see a fight between herself and Hillary Clinton is almost funny, but splicing that statement into an episode of the Jersey Shore is so much more.

1. This Vine That Makes Carly Fiorina The Next Jersey Shore Cast Member

As a Jersey girl, I've never been super pleased with anyone thinking the Jersey Shore cast in any way represents the state's residents, but I can't deny the temptation of watching Ronnie and Sammi go at it again. The way that Carly Fiorina took her aggression to the next level in preparation to go up against Hillary definitely makes her deserving of at least a callback for Jersey Shore's next season.

2. When Rick Santorum Tried So Hard To Get Sassy

The undercard debate participants actually did quite a bit to make the pre-show worthwhile. And Santorum's joke about getting to take up what would have been Rand Paul's allotted time (since Paul decided to boycott the FBN debate and host his own shindig) was alright, alright, alright.

3. When Trump's Fresh Spray Tan Reminded Everyone Of Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory

You can't blame the guy for thinking that if his loud words didn't get everyone's attention, maybe his freshly painted skin could. A man's got to do what a man's got to do in order to win, right?

4. This Vine That Doesn't Have To Do Anything To Ben Carson's First Response Other Than Show It

Candidate Ben Carson must have thought it would be kind of quirky-cool to bring up the possibility of him falling asleep during the debate. In the process, he kinda sorta admitted to being surprised that the moderators would even ask him a question.

5. This Tweet That Says What Marco Rubio Actually Meant

Rubio was trying really hard to say that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has done unacceptable things in the past, like send checks to Planned Parenthood. Or was it the military? Rubio couldn't really get the order right, but this Twitter user knows what he was trying to really say.

6. This Meme That Shows Just How Much Everyone Missed Rand Paul During The Event

A group of audience members shouting "We want Rand" like their lives depended on it may have been the highlight of the primetime round. And I'd like to think Paul agrees.

7. This Vine Of Ted Cruz Going On, And On, And On

Seriously, Ted. Don't you know when it's time to just be quiet?

8. This GIF That Begs To Differ With Donald Trump

Trump went for it during the debate when he claimed that "police are the most mistreated people in this country." Safe to say that some viewers didn't agree with that thought.