Megyn Kelly Reacts To GOP Debate & Focuses On The Leading Republican Candidates

Fox News host Megyn Kelly has increasingly become a trusted news source among her fellow conservatives, with a spotlight shown on her during this year's election. Though she's had her share of journalistic bumps in the road, her elevation to coveted Fox News darling was no more evident than during her feud with candidate Donald Trump in August. Afterwards, Trump blasted her in a series of sexist tweets claiming she had been unfair to him. Fox News rallied behind her, and thus she was shot even further into news pundit fame. Because of this, Kelly's response to the GOP debate would be highly anticipated by conservatives.

During Thursday's GOP debate on Fox Business Network, candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich squared off in their sixth round of the election season. The commentary following this debate is particularly important, given its growing proximity to the Iowa caucus and primary election season in general. Kelly's support or dismissal of a candidate has the proper time and persuasive power to make a real impact on their campaign moving forward, as much of conservative America is sure to listen.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

So what did Kelly have to say about Thursday's GOP debate? Her remarks primarily focused on candidates Trump and Cruz, who currently lead in the Republican polls.

Kelly was fired up about one exchange between Cruz and Trump, the latter of whom heavily questioned Cruz's eligibility to run for president given his birth in Canada. The two candidates argued over the issue, with Trump telling Cruz, "There's a big question mark over your head," in regards to whether or not Cruz could qualify as a natural-born citizen.

During The Kelly File, the political commentator remarked that the exchange "was remarkable." She went on to say, "Cruz was obviously prepared for it and ready to handle it."

In regards to Trump, Kelly said: "We saw a more robust Donald Trump tonight too, because he's been much more subdued in these debates. But tonight, he seemed ready to rumble."

One of her guests, Fox News analyst Howard Kurtz, agreed that this exchange was one of the highlights of the night's events:

Kelly's focus on these two in her show immediately following the debate reassert Trump and Cruz's current dominance in the polls. It will be up to the other candidates in their next debate performance to grab the attention of both Kelly and, consequently, her large and loyal viewership.