How To Cut Your Own Bangs Like A Pro Stylist

Is it just me, or do bangs seem to grow even faster than the rest of your hair? Since upkeep is important, but not everyone has time to go the salon every few weeks, I reached out to an expert to get the full details on how to cut your own bangs just like a professional stylist. With a few small purchases and a little practice, you’re well on your way to rocking salon-worthy bangs 24/7.

To get the best advice possible, I turned to celeb stylist and Eufora artistic director, Philip Carreon. He totally sympathized with the whole "not having time" thing and I didn’t feel judged one bit for admitting I don't always go to a stylist. He says, "I often have clients that live either too far away or their schedule just doesn't permit them to come in inbetween regular visits to just get a bang trim." Phew! We are all not alone. Carreon continues, "If I cut somebody's hair and bangs I want them to be able to wear them like the way I cut them so what I do is give them a small lesson on how to trim the bangs if they can't get in to the salon." Best stylist ever!

As for how to successfully trim your own bangs, Carreon broke down exactly what to do so you end up with #flawless fringe every time.

1. Invest In A Hair Cutting Razor

Unisex Razor Comb Home Hair Cut Scissor, $9.99, Univeral Tool

"It's not important that it is expensive, just that it has a guard so you don't cut yourself, says Carreon. "[And] a razor shows far less mistakes than shears."

2. Part Longer Hair

Bobby Pins, $7.95, Goody

"Take the time to part away the longer hair that is not included in your bangs and clip out of the way," advises Carreon. Sometimes I even just use bobby pins to clip it!

3. Dampen Bangs & Comb Smooth

Handmade General Grooming Comb, $7.85, Kent

"Make sure your fringe (bangs) are damp for control" says Carreon, and "comb the fringe smooth." Once you've done that, with both sets of fingertips, "bring the ends of the bangs together in a single hand finger pinch just below the bridge of the nose."

4. Cut Above Finger Tips

For the final step, Carreon shares, "Pick up your razor and with an up and down motion cut right above your pinched fingertips. When you release, the outer corners will be a little longer than the center and the perimeter of your bangs will be nice and bitty."

And one extra tip: "When you have your bangs all in the pinch, don't pull with too much tension ... Good luck!"

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Images: Fotolia (1, 2); Courtesy of Brands