Kylie Nails Cute & Cozy In A Cropped Sweater

Not a week goes by that Kylie Jenner doesn't post some insane selfies on Instagram. From jet-setting on private planes to wearing insane clothes, her life is cooler than most 18 year olds I know. (And it's cooler than mine). This week's latest selfie series is of Jenner wearing a pair of high-waisted Levi's and an adorable cropped sweater I have to copy. So I made it my mission to find out where to buy Kylie Jenner's blue off-the-shoulder sweater from Instagram.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted selfies from her bathroom (or glam room, as she calls it), and although the main thing you'll notice in the photo is her high-waisted Levi's, I was distracted by her adorable, winter-appropriate sweater. It's oversized and off-the-shoulder, but the cropped style keeps it interesting. Totally not what you'd expect from an oversized blue sweater, but pairing it with her Levi's was a wise decision.

The hem of the sweater was somewhat uneven, so I wondered if Jenner's cropped sweater was DIY (somehow, I doubt it, considering her average outfit costs about $6K). Regardless, the uneven, jagged hem of the sweater just adds to its cuteness in my opinion. I mean, look how adorable it is.

I also love her shoulder-length, jagged hair right now.

Here's a better view of the jeans.

This pic is totally fueling my ripped jeans obsession, and I'm not sorry about it.

I couldn't find Jenner's exact sweater online, but these alternatives are cute enough that you won't even worry about copying her exact style.

Kimchi Blue Off-Shoulder Cropped Sweater, $29.99,

This looks the most like Jenner's to me, and I love the dusty blue/grey color.

Grey Off The Shoulder Cropped Knit Sweater, $21.97,

How gorgeous is this sweater? I love the deep v-neck.

Oversized Cropped Sweater, $7.99,

Although this sweater is more grey than blue, I adore the loose cropped style.

Aniya Knitted Off Shoulder Jumper, $23.25,

How cool are those shoulders? And the royal blue color is perfect.

Knit Layered Sweater, $19.99,

If you want to skip the crop top aspect of this outfit, you can't get cuter than this blue layered sweater.

Grey Round Neck Knit Crop Sweater, $21.99,

Loving the bell sleeves on this cropped sweater, and the loose knit is so perfect.

Although we can't all have Jenner's clothing budget, it helps when she wears totally shoppable outfits like this sweater. Now, you can copy Jenner's off the shoulder crop top without breaking the bank.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands