The One Fashion Item You Should Keep At Your Desk

I'm thinking of calling my office desk my apartment, since I essentially live there. Trusty water bottle, pillow, bandaids, makeup removers — they're all essentials, but the one fashion accessory you should keep at your desk should be the blanket scarf. I'm talkin' a scarf that's so big, it doubles as a blanket when you spread it out. Office AC is more unpredictable than the weather, am I right?

There was a joke that circulated around my office that the best winter they had ever experienced was in the office. In the middle of summertime. For some reason, with the 90-degree weather outside, offices tend to overcompensate by pumping that AC out like we're in the middle of the desert. Which, to be fair, summers in New York City are especially brutal. Think: 8.4 million people, all with sweaty armpits, walking the streets and stuffing themselves in subway cars. The smell of trash and urine is especially strong from the months of June to September. Yummy.

So, in reality, I understand why the constant flow of air conditioning is necessary. But inversely, why is it so damn hot in the winter? As in like, as soon as I walk in, I want to take my top off. I mean, just a bra is totally within the confines of the dress code, right? (It's not. Don't do it.) So instead of overheating or freezing to near death, the key is layering. And what better way to do that than the office blanket?

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The office blanket does have other perks than keeping your body temperature at bay. Spilled something on yourself? If you're like me, spills happen. A lot. Sometimes, you get too excited and miss your mouth. Instead of walking around all day with that coffee stain on your shirt, you can cover up!

There's also this other reason. Look, I'm not proud of this one, but I've definitely unexpectedly stayed somewhere else (besides home) a few times, and have had to go back to the office the next day wearing the same clothes. But with a little scarf action, you can look like you've basically got a different outfit on. This technique is to be used for emergencies only. Or, you know, every Friday morning. Don't act like you haven't been here before.

Basically, the blanket scarf is the easiest way to make your office feel like home. Because, if we're being honest, it basically is home. Add a mattress under your desk, and you've basically got all you need: A bed and wifi. So without further ado, find some of the raddest blanket scarves that'll make you feel cozier than a joey in it's mama's pouch, below.

1. Colorblock Action

Express Colorblock Blanket Scarf, $39.90,

Simple and clean, this one will go with absolutely everything.

2. Seasonal

NastyGal Daniella Blanket Scarf, $28,

Who doesn't want to rock autumnal vibes all season long?

3. For The Boho Lovers

Liquorish Oversized Blanket Scarf With Border Trim Detail, $86,

Has anyone ever been warmer than this woman?

4. For The Minimalist

Sole Society Herringbone Scarf, $34.95,

See what I mean about roll and spread out? When this one's fully unfolded, you could cocoon yourself.

5. Print Galore

Is it a scarf? Is it an optical illusion? It's both.

6. The Warmest

Justy Cashmere Airport Wrap, $398,

I need this more than I've needed anything else in my life.

7. For The Abstract Enthusiast

Wilfred Deconstructive Blanket, $85,

This print is so pretty, I might just have to hang it up as a tapestry.

8. A Blanket With A Message

No Bad Days Brushed Blanket Scarf, $39,

For real. No bad days with this blanket scarf.

9. Check Mate

Renee's Accessories Oversized Check Fringe Scarf, $38,

A simple pattern like this one gives enough of a pop to upgrade any look.

I'm already dreaming about wrapping up in my blanket scarf tomorrow, especially since opening the window is the only way to prevent our entire floor from heat stroke.

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