Kim Confirms Yeezy Boost Will Come In More Colors

In case you're part of the elite few that have gotten their hands on the Yeezy Boost, we have some good news for you: Kim Kardashian West confirmed that the Yeezy Boost will come in more colors soon, according to Footwear News. We can all thank social media for delivering this message from the fashion gods (and of course, Ryan Seacrest) down to us.

It's no news that the Yeezy Boost have become one of the most coveted pairs of sneakers for diehard fans, so much so that there's been question of it upping the Air Jordan, according to Complex. If you're lost with this whole sneaker debacle, just know this: The Air Jordan, branded by the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, essentially created sneaker culture, and are referenced in rap music countlessly. Basically, you know you've made it when you own a pair.

But, as it turns out, the Yeezy 350 Boost is outselling Air Jordan 1s on eBay, according to Sole Collector. Say what? Crazy, right? So naturally, they're pretty hard to come by. Of course, Kanye and Kim's pal Ryan Seacrest received a complimentary pair, which he Instagrammed with the caption "new year, new kicks. Thx kanye and @kimkardashian loving my yeezys." And in response, Kim tweeted "You're so welcome! New colors coming soon. Will send you those too!"

It doesn't hurt to know the creator's wife, huh?

Boom! Mrs. West herself confirmed that new colors are indeed coming, which means the hype will begin all over again. Based on their popularity in the past, the Yeezy Boost in these new colors will definitely get some heads turning, wallets opening, credit cards swiping, and inevitably, people crying.

Unless of course you're part of the Kardashian clan and crew, who have all Instagrammed themselves rocking the sneaker.

Of course Kourt rocks her Yeezys.

Being BFFs with Kim must be a dream.

When these new colors do come out, we just have one thing to say....may the odds be ever in your favor.

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