The One Question At The GOP Debate That Definitely Shouldn't Have Been Asked

I guess we really shouldn't be shocked by anything Fox News approves at this point, but this was low, even for them. At the GOP debate in South Carolina Thursday night, moderator Maria Bartiromo asked Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson whether Hillary Clinton is "a sexual enabler." Yes, you read that right. A female moderator used precious time — time that could have been spent addressing actual policy — seriously asking whether Clinton is responsible for her husband's past sexual behavior.

It's slut shaming by association, and the phrase originates with — you guessed it — Donald Trump. The Republican presidential candidate and accomplished sexist charged two days ago that Clinton was an "enabler" of her husband's prior infidelity. (He also recently called Bill Clinton "one of the great abusers of the world.") Clinton rightfully refused to take Trump's bait, saying, "I have no response" and instead slamming Trump's tax plan, adding that he "doesn't believe in equal pay."

Well played, Hills. (Can I call you Hills?) That should have been that, but instead, Fox News decided to give misogyny yet more airtime by repeating the sexist — and moreover, dumb — question of whether Hillary is a sexual enabler to Ben Carson at the GOP debate. Because these are the issues that matter. Whether Hillary Clinton is responsible for her husband getting blown in the Oval Office in the '90s.

Carson, to his credit, didn't totally take the bait, and instead deflected by talking about topics like... Internet comment sections, and the general demise of our society. “Here’s the real issue,” Carson pivoted. “Is this America anymore? ... Do we still have values and principles?" Judging by what's on that stage tonight, no.

It's times like this I do love Twitter, which promptly exploded.

Hillary Clinton might have chosen not to respond directly again, but oh, she responded.