New Yorkers Hilariously Explain To Ted Cruz What "New York Values" Actually Are

GOP debate moderator and New Yorker Maria Bartiromo only let Thursday night's debate go on for so long before asking candidate Ted Cruz to elaborate on his comments this week about Donald Trump having "New York values." And just as Bartiromo didn't let Cruz off easy, you couldn't have thought Empire State residents would let a jab like that pass them by without taking the opportunity to show Cruz what they think their real values are, could you? No, you couldn't have. New Yorkers immediately responded to Ted Cruz's comment with the #NewYorkValues hashtag, and the posts will remind you why the Big Apple is everything.

The initial remark came two days before the debate, when Cruz said on the Howie Carr show that Donald Trump, being from New York, embodies "New York values." It wasn't until Bartiromo pressed for an explanation during the debate that Americans learned what it was Cruz associated with the phrase: "...everyone understands that the values in New York City are socially liberal or pro-abortion or pro- gay-marriage, focus around money and the media," Cruz said.

In a response that both makes fun of the massive generalization made by Cruz and embraces those icky "socially liberal" ideals, New Yorkers used social media to display their love for the all that comes with being a resident of the Empire State.

1. Bagels

New Yorkers don't just love NY bagels. They love bagels in general, even the supermarket brand kind. Plus, the Thomas' brand was also founded by New Yorker Samuel Bath Thomas. As a carb-loving gal, I can say I fully support this #NewYorkValue.

2. LGBTQ-Friendly Ice Cream Shops

New York isn't the only place where businesses support people of all sexual orientations, but it sure is up there on the list of locales proud to display its welcoming attitude. I bet Cruz would be singing a different tune if there was a good Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough on the line.

3. Avoiding Times Square Like The Plague

Times Square may be the place to be for the millions of tourists who make their way to the Big Apple, but for the millions who actually live in the city, it's the place to stay far, far away from.

4. Hitting Up The Bodega For Some Sustenance

These small corner stores for groceries totally are a New York thing. And the forgetting to eat part has to be, because as a child of New York's armpit (New Jersey), I have never once forgotten to eat. And I never will.

5. Seinfeld, And The Subway

I'm pretty sure knowing at least four or five famous Seinfeld lines is Rule #1 for being an American, not just a New Yorker. Maybe this will remind Cruz that New Yorkers aren't so different from citizens in other parts of the country after all.

6. The Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry

The Yankees pretty much are New York, and the team's bitter rivalry against the Boston Red Sox is even more so. Oh, right. The Mets are there too.

7. Walking Etiquette Is Real

Understanding how to get yourself around the city is encoded in all New Yorkers' DNA. Only a NY noob would think stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, or the street, is an acceptable course of action.