20 Valentine's Day Gifts To Get Yourself

by Chelsey Grasso

Regardless of if you're single or in a relationship, you should definitely get one of these Valentine's Day gifts for yourself. Why? Because you deserve it. Valentine's Day is all about love, and loving yourself is part of that. In fact, it's a big part of that. You can't love somebody else until you can learn to love yourself. Am I right? I am so right.

These 20 wonderful gifts below will put a smile on your own face, and they'll remind you just how awesome you really are. From sleeping masks and coffee mugs to window decorations and skateboards, there's something here for everyone (and for every budget).

The middle of February can be tough, but you're so close to the end of winter. Let one of these gifts give you that final push to make it through the snow, wind, and dropping temperatures. Love warms you up from the inside out, so go ahead and warm yourself up. Besides, if you're getting presents for your significant other and (or) friends, why shouldn't you get something for yourself too? I'm sure that your significant other and those friends of yours would agree with me... especially if they really love you!

1. Stained Glass Feathers

Simply stunning.

Handmade Stained Glass Feather, $24.99, Amazon

2. Penny Candy Fade 27" Skateboard

Who said girls can't skateboard? They were so wrong.

Penny Candy Fade Skateboard, $97.99, Penny Skateboards

3. Box of Chocolate Soaps

You can't eat them, but you can rub them all over your body. Second best thing, right?

Vegan and Organic Chocolate Soap, $6, Amazon

4. Literary Scarf

Have your favorite classic novel with you at all times.

"Pride and Prejudice" Infinity Scarf, $42.99, Amazon

5. Gumball Tree

Um... yes! Everyone needs one of these in their home, no matter what season it is.

Gumball Tree, $33, Amazon

6. Capri Blue Frosted Pastel Jar

You can never have too many candles. That's just a fact of life.

Capri Blue Frosted Pastel Jar , $30, Anthropologie

7. Will Leather Laurel Triple Wrap Cuff

Want to look like a badass? Get one of these.

Will Leather Laurel Triple Wrap Cuff, $65, Check It Out

8. Single Brew Coffee Maker

Because really, coffee is your one true love.

Single Brew Coffee Maker , $50, Urban Outfitters

9. BTW Ceramics Grid Pinch Bowl

There's something so simple yet persuasive about this pinch bowl.

BTW Ceramics Grid Pinch Bowl, $22, Urban Outfitters

10. First Snow Infinity Scarf

This scarf officially matches everything. Amazing.

First Snow Infinity Scarf , $58, Anthropologie

11. Great Things Notepad

There's so much truth to this statement.

Great Things Notepad, $10, Anthropologie

12. Namastay in Bed Mug

Who needs yoga when you have this coffee mug?

Namastay in Bed Mug , $12, Dormify

13. Lolita Made In The Shade Eye Mask

Get your beauty sleep, beauty.

Lolita Made In The Shade Eye Mask, $16, Dormify

14. Elwood the Unicorn Cereal Bowl

I don't think this needs any explanation.

Elwood the Unicorn Cereal Bowl, $38, Uncommon Goods

15. My Life Story — So Far

Your life story is worth writing down. Do it.

My Life Story — So Far, $28, Uncommon Goods

16. Foot Cardigan Mytropolis City Socks

Keep your toes cozy in these urban socks this winter.

Foot Cardigan Mytropolis City Socks, $12, Foot Cardigan

17. Ray Tablet Stand in Walnut Bent Plywood

Sleek and creatively designed, you need this tablet stand.

Ray Tablet Stand in Walnut Bent Plywood, $80, Ciseal/Etsy

18. Joey Backpack in Rancho Arroyo Pattern

Anything that uses Pendleton wool is automatically a must-have.

Joey Backpack in Rancho Arroyo Pattern, $160, appetite/Etsy

19. Alder Wood Laser Engraved R2-D2 Earrings

Star Wars never goes out of style... and neither do these earrings.

Alder Wood Laser Engraved R2-D2 Earrings, $12, JuniperandIvy/Etsy

20. Triangle Geometric Earrings

Just gorgeous.

Triangle Geometric Earrings, $17.76, MicaPeet/Etsy

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